On Weddings and Wedding Rings

I found myself looking longingly at wedding rings the other day.  I gazed through the brightly lit jewelry case to all those well lit diamonds and platinum settings.  In my day when I actually had a brief reason to look they were gold, yellow gold as it is called today.  Now its more fashionable to be white gold or the more expensive platinum. 

Then I found myself staring at the wedding magazines at the bookstore.  They consumed an entire section.  I remember having to go to the bookstore to find the only two in publication.  Even then they usually didn't have anything that was humanly possible to find in any real store.  Oh and all advertisements were duplicated in both magazines so it really never mattered which one you bought. 

The other night some program showed a to-be bride falling all over a wedding cake that was out of her price range with bridges and fountains.  It was my wedding cake!!!  Someone finally agreed to buy the cake for her if she did him some favor.  I wasn't actually watching the program but I was quite surprised to find after 27 years my cake was still 'impressive'. 

So I'm not sure what my recent fascination with weddings is.  I suppose its some phase I'm going through.  There are things I can not ever do again in my life, such as have children.  However there are things I could do again so perhaps some subconscious of mine has been dwelling on the fact that I could get married again if I found someone.  I'm not sure I'd want to go to the trouble of getting married just to have a nice ring and an impressive cake. 

In this day and age a woman can indulge herself without the bondage of marriage. 

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