The Wee Garden Experiment

To eat healthy, that's what I want... But how to accomplish this, was the problem.  More and more info comes out every day, about the hazards of the foods we are putting into our bodies.  GMOs, pesticides, livestock that are injected with hormones... I start to wonder, am I actually eating healthy... Maybe not.

I grew up in a family that had a garden. We got our milk from a local dairy. My parents hunted, and we fished... We went to a butcher, and I had neighbors who had chickens... We pretty much knew where our food was coming from!  We grew away from that. In the ratrace that our lives had become... Working to get ahead, raising children, and shopping at the grocery store... or even worse, a "Super Store"... We have no idea where our food is coming from!

As my husband and I talked about these things, we realized we wanted a garden.  We really didn't know where to start.  Then we moved... to a bigger lot, with no trees, and plenty of our Southwest Florida sunshine.  It was on!

We were a little afraid of overwhelming ourselves with a big garden.  We wanted to grow food, but we wanted to enjoy it!  This was meant to be fun, as well as saving money, and knowing where our food comes from.  So we went with containers.

We bought seeds, kind of willy nilly.... as is my style.  We bought potting soil... Bags of it, and luckily, our neighbor had big pots out by the garbage. We started tomatoes and basil in an egg crate on the front porch, and a lettuce mix directly into a huge pot. The next week, we started zucchini, carrots, oregano, cilantro and broccoli.  I had bell pepper seeds I had saved, and we planted them too. We found lemon cucumber seeds and started them the week after that. We transplanted the basil into a big pot, and the tomatoes have been moved outside to big pots.

So, here is where we are in the "Wee Garden Experiment" as my husband fondly named it.  Everything has sprouted, and is doing well.  We I probably planted too many seeds, and many of the pots probably will be crowded, but I am going to let them go, and see what happens. And here we are, three weeks into it, learning as we go.

ZucchiniCarrots. Basil, Bell Peppers, OreganoLettuce MixTomatoesZucciniBroccoli

I'll keep you posted, as we go.  If I can do it, anyone can! I will be adding potatoes, lima beans, jalapenos, and yellow squash in the next week or two.

Thanks so much for reading!

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