Weed or Seventeen? Which Would You Rather Your Daughter Have?

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[Editor's Note: I’ve always thought Seventeen magazine was relatively harmless. In comparison with other publications for female teens like Cosmogirl, which had a blessedly short life, its content and imagery seemed conventional, if not bland. Ads about acne next to photos of girls with flawless skin. Peppy, can-do advice columns.

But Seth at Off Our Chests thinks the magazine gives girls terribly mixed messages about beauty and self-esteem. In his post he takes Seventeen's editor to task. Do you agree? -Mona]

He writes:

This is Ann Shoket, Seventeen magazine's editor. I hear she's very nice. But I also think this picture, which is her Twitter profile pic, is a ridunkulous display of hypocrisy and moral convenience. I don't think you get to bitchslap the pressure to be perfect in a profile pic at the same time you’re yelling perfect on your magazine's cover, and promoting a "bonus mag" that screams "Makeover!" “Flat Abs!” and “A Great Butt!”

Read the full post at Off Our Chests

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