Week 1-Snacking Smart

I know Week 1 isn't over yet but I figured I'd give you all a mid-week update. I would have to say I have been doing pretty good. I even got my husband in on my plank challenge! A sistah is hungry though lol but I am staying within my 1,500 calorie limit. It is really hard for me because I am a snacker (more so when I am working than when I'm not). This week I had to really snack smarter.

Herb RanchMy main snack has been carrots. I don't love raw carrots but they are low in calories and they pack a nutritional punch. I paired them Herb Ranch flavored Greek yogurt dip and that made all the difference and was under 70 calories! I don't love carrots but I will keep these in rotation.


Monday- I made it to Zumba=big win.

Tuesday-I had made some yummy banana muffins over the weekend that I really just had a taste for Tuesday morning. It was so yummy but muffins don't really do it for me as something really solid for breakfast (even though they had 250 calories). I survived the day but I will not be starting a workday with a muffin again that just wasn't enough.



New Snack Alert:

-After hitting up Zumba of course I was starving. I was initially going to go with some frozen greek yogurt but I went with a banana and some double chocolate pudding. Having flashbacks of an awesome chocolate covered banana I had a while ago, I decided to dunk my banana in the pudding and would you know it tasted just as good. If you are a chocolate lover, this one is for you. Chocolate and sweet for only 165 calories...I'll take it. I will be having this again.

How are you all doing with your weight loss/fitness/healthier eating challenges?

We got this!

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