Week 3!

Start of week three of working on and for myself.  Debbie Inc! 

Hurricane Sandy breezed by here over the weekend and now it's only 57 degrees out and I'm still in my pj's and drinking my coffee at 11:30 AM.  Sat down to start my job search and as part of my routine, checked my bank account.....GREAT NEWS!  My final settlement from my employer is now available to me!  YAY!  I won't be digging in my couch cushions for pennies to buy dog food!!!  (I'll be fine for a month, I have  a ton of frozen chicken breast and a good 30+ days of Medifast meals in my pantry that should be consumed.)  

I slacked off a little in my active search for beachside jobs last week.  Back at it this week.  I feel renewed in my determination to make the move beachside.  I've had nothing but good feedback from the people who are most important to me so I know this is certainly the way to go.  Back to the research today....while I listen to the news discussing how the impending hurricane is going to close down the center of the modern world  - NYC.  

Something I have done a lot of as of late is indulging in my hobbies.  I love sewing.  I have begun to work on some projects for myself and others that really are fulfilling. .  I embellished a dress for my wonderful step-mom.  I'm going to alter some slacks for my amazing grandmother (92 and still kicking!!!). I have a couple of baby projects I want to start for my nieces' babies.  I made myself an envelope clutch from my remnants stash because I had seen so many of them in magazines and coveted one badly - so I made mine for free essentially!  I also made myself a purse organizer and after showing it to my step-mom (who I will call Mama from now on) I have an order for another!!   If I thought I could turn that hobby into a lucrative home-based job I'd be all over it.  I just wrap up too much emotion in my sewing and I'm convinced that nobody will like what I do, or that they will find fault with it and be afraid to tell me.  

But now on to my search before I find myself further distracted by my creativity!!!!!


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