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Whether you have one child or 18 children, there is always someone with an opinion about the size of your family. And they are often not afraid to tell you.

At this point in my parenting tenure I most often laugh at the comments rather than be offended. I am not sure if that is because I have grown used to the constant comments, or if I have more patience now. I have heard all the comments. There are no new original ones. Most of the time people ask questions because of their genuine curiosity, or at least that is what I chose to believe. Seldom is it their intention to be rude. And honestly, it is all blog fodder now anyway.

In the first segment of the show Lindsay, Kelly and I discuss family size. What exactly is a large family anyway? This definition depends on who you are talking to. In the second segment, Mary Ostyn, from the ever popular blog Owlhaven, gives us a glimpse into what it takes to keep a household of 12 running daily. And on top of all that, Mary wrote a book, A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family. I will be writing a review and giving away a copy of her book at my blog this week.

In segment three, we hear from two bloggers who tell us what comments they hear about their family size. One has one child, the other two children, you might think they would immune from the comments, but no they get them also.

Once you have watched the show, use this list of links to read more by the bloggers we mention.

  • PBJ in a Bowl
  • Cheeky Lotus
  • Ninja Poodles
  • Meagan Francis
  • Kelly
  • Lindsay
  • Erin
  • Chris

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