People my age...

Have you ever woken up screaming from a horrible nightmare and then realized that you hadn't been sleeping? Welcome to my week. The week where no amount of exercise or caffeine could wake me up (If I exercised, that is. When you're over twentysomething can you count getting up and walking to the copier as an aerobic activity?), and no amount of wine or tylenol pm could help me sleep. My doctor (well, the man who USED to be my doctor before this last visit) told me that this is quite common in "a person your age"

Ugh. When did I become "a person your age"? I went to the eye doctor and he recommended blended lenses (For those of you who are too young to know what blended lenses are, they have nothing to do with stylish shaded sunglasses. Blended lenses correct you nearsightedness and allow you to read without buying "cheaters" at the drugstore). "Why? I have no problems reading". "Well, you don't need them now, but people your age usually do - so you'll need them soon" ???

Evidently he doesn't realize that 40 is the new 20 which means I'm almost 30 and won't need blended lenses for at least another 20 years.....




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