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What could be better than a sitting President talking to BlogHer about the importance of blogging?

On Thursday afternoon, Lisa Stone and Elisa Camahort Page opened the annual BlogHer conference with a live video address from our President, Barack Obama.

BlogHer '12 Martha Stewart

Q: “What aren’t you good at?"

A: “Anything I haven’t tried yet."

Soak up some knowledge and perspective from Martha, the undeniably influential multimedia mogul & BlogHer ’12 Lunch Keynote Speaker on Friday, August 3rd.

BlogHer '12 Katie Couric

"No one ever asks Brian Williams how HE does it all!"

Check out the barn-burner interview with Katie Couric, BlogHer ’12 Lunch Keynote Speaker on Saturday, August 4th, and see how you can participate in her new daytime show!

BlogHer '12 Fashion Show

On Saturday evening, BlogHer hosted its Inaugural Fashion Show styled and MC’ed by BlogHer’s editor-at-large, Kathryn Finney, featuring real women from BlogHer’s Style community walking the runway, along with guests from across our blogging community.

And because a BlogHer Fashion Show could never be just run-of-the-mill glitz and glamour, we even included some models of the canine variety.

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Fashion & Beauty Finds:

The Girls with Glasses

Summer and Brooke bring quirky chic to all their tutorials, but our favorite is their latest video. Guest expert Promise ("My look is the studious art teacher mixed with a bohemian Survivor look") shows you how to "promify your hair." LOVE.

Glam List

Celeb stylist/fashion blogger Jess Zaino mixes dishy gossip with tips on how to wear trends (ed. note: together at last!) and her Hollywood friends drop by regularly. This week, we're loving her advice on how to wear boyfriend jeans with ballet flats (keeper line: "Careful what kind of flats and baggy pants you wear -- you don't want the kids thinking you're Aladdin.")

Style Avant

Leah Loftin interviews fashion designers and experts -- don't miss this look at the work of the iconic Spanish master designer Balenciaga and his influence on everyone from Oscar de la Renta to Alexander Wang. Stunning.

What's Hot in Food & Cooking:


All of Catherine McCord's awesome recipes are family-friendly, from baby food to older kids. But our favorite this week is the one that keeps the grownups from crying: How to Cut an Onion Quickly.

Bon Appetempt

Amelia blogs and her husband Matt takes pictures as tackle gourmet and not-so-gourmet recipes in the ever-helpful and often-hysterical Bon Appetempt (get it?). Currently we're loving her (successful!) attempt to Make Poutine, that marvelous Canadian mess of fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

Pep Talk Mom

Pep Talk Mom can walk you through the most daunting of kitchen tasks -- even getting out the good stuff from the world's trickiest fruit. Trust us, you need The Pomegranate Lesson"

Hilah Cooking

Hilah is awesome. Seriously, everything she does is awesome. Even grilled cheese sandwiches -- because "sometimes you just don't have time to be cooking dinner all the time ... or maybe sometimes you're just drunk."

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New in Humor & Inspiration:

More from BlogHer '12

Yes, there's more incredible video from BlogHer '12! Soledad O'Brien talking with Christy Turlington Burns and Malaak Compton-Rock about using your voice on behalf of others.

The Happiness Project

We're enormous, longtime fans of Gretchen Rubin -- especially her so-simple but so-important ways to make time for fun. (Remember fun?)


Thank you, thank you, Carley Knobloch, for your super-helpful Digitwirl -- finally, videos that make our daily battles with technology easier! Carley also shares other killer ways to make things simpler, like how to use the online errand-running, chore-doing, personal-assisting site, TaskRabbit.

Check back with BlogHer TV each week as we add new shows and new segments, including even more video from the fabulous BlogHer '12 conference!