Yesterday was our one week anniversary.  Or, as Alexis put it, our Week-a-versary.  So we’ve been married for one week.  And boy, it’s been a week.  An amazing week, but a week nonetheless.

So, as an impromptu Week-a-versary activity, Chris and I went to the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk.  And also got Chriso’s phone from the Red Cross that he left at work the night before.  Yup.  We were all booked up.

The Chrysler has free general admission, but they have a donation box at the desk so we always put a few dollars in.  Although, I think we’re considering becoming members of this and the aquarium as well.  But not yet.


Each time we go to Chrysler, we have a pattern, which is based on how the museum is set up.  We start with glass, and circle through the entire first floor, through the Mayan sculptures and then on to the second floor with the modern art, 18th-20th century paintings and photography.

THIS time, Chriso thought it might be fun to play a game while we were there.  We took a brochure from the front desk, and followed along with the featured art works, and took pictures with each of them.  We actually visited every room this time, with the exception of a new photography gallery which isn’t open yet.  It was great because we saw new things that we’d never seen before.

So, in our game, Chriso took the first floor, and I took the second.  To be perfectly honest, I had no idea this game would be so fun until I started taking pictures.

Here, Chriso tries to convince me he knows what he’s talking about.  Maybe.


Once we started walking around and following the pictures in the book, it was really pretty interesting, and I really started getting into it.  The abstract art and photography are two of my favorite galleries, so the second floor was all about me.



And I kept making Chriso pose.



Because who doesn’t LOVE to pose for pictures in an art museum.  I mean, seriously.







We had to walk down the side staircase, and back up the center one just so we could walk down Chriso’s favorite spiral staircase in the back of the museum.




One thing about Chriso and I is that we always have a great time together.  We always manage to make time for each other even though are schedules sometimes seem to be mismatched.  And I really think that it’s going to be very important to our staying power down the road.  I mean, seriously, after ten years, we still enjoy  each other’s company, and have so many AMAZING dates.  I think we’ll do great.


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