A Weekend of Eating Out Coming Up!

My jeans are feeling a little looser.  I think I'm making progress even though I've not been running or doing great things in the gym.  I've been trying to do sit ups and stretching and I went to yoga, but overall I feel a bit flakey.  Nonetheless my jeans do feel looser and when I look at MyFitnessPal for the past few days, I see that I am doing a-okay.

This is the problem.  I could fall apart today and eat too much.  I'm starving now and have home time this evening which makes it challenging, but my bet is that I'll make it through relatively well.

The bigger problem is tomorrow night.  We're going to dinner.  And I'm picturing a nice 16 ounce micro brew or two.  Sunday we're having pancakes and cake and celebrating another birthday in the household.  I also already know that I want pancakes for tomorrow as well.  Not good.  Not good.  Breakfast is the one thing I generally keep in the small eating range.

You know what?  Tomorrow morning, instead of sitting around all morning waiting to go to work in the afternoon or working on work at home or suggesting we all make pancakes, I'm going to go for a run outside.  Or at least a jog.  My knee is still odd so I need to be careful with it, but I really think it's just crazy tightness in my upper calf muscle that's pulling things out of whack.  I'll stretch before and take it easy.  Then, I will eat moderately for breakfast and moderately for lunch and dinner won't be such an indulgence.

On Sunday, I'll end up indulging, but maybe I can balance out the pancake breakfast and dinner with cake and beer by having some crazy vegetable stir fry and spinach lunch and a session of Jillian some time during the day.

The point?  I plan to indulge.  I don't want to be concerned about it.  Thus, I need to find some time to fit in some exercise that I wouldn't normally do and that will allow me to feel like I'm still on track.

Now to figure out the rest of today!  And to hope I really do as I say!!


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