A Weekend of Family


This weekend I returned home to my parents house.  As those who have followed me know, my mother has been quite ill over the last the month.  My last post was about the stress I was feeling from being so far away while she was sick, being in charge of a major fund raising event where I work and dealing with the upcoming testing of our son at school, while being fearful of how my son with short term memory issues was going to do on his first spelling test of third grade. (He got a perfect score!)


My last post was about peace, and where we find that peace when we are in the midst of trials.  I needed to come home to find a bit of peace.  While my sister and dad were keeping my brother and I updated on our mom's progress through her hospitalization, I still needed to see her, hug her and be here for myself.  I am glad that I have come home.  So many people have prayed for her, me, us as a family, and it is those prayers that we have seen answered.  While she is still quite weak, tires quickly and has a long road ahead of her in her recovery, I know that she is getting better.  I can return home to Minnesota with peace knowing that she is doing okay.


It has been a wonderful weekend to be home with just my sister, brother and our parents.  My brother has spent the day helping my dad get the house ready for winter.  My sister and I have spent the day cooking and freezing meals so that our parents will have home cooking while mom recovers and not a constant diet of take out and pizza delivery.  There have been some heart to heart talks, good conversation over morning coffee and even tears of laughter at dinner.  My brother and I will both leave in the morning knowing that we could give a little relief to my dad and sister who have been with mom during the entire ordeal.


Being the oldest, my sister has always taken the lead in putting together plans of what can be done to help, she jumps to action. It is easy to follow her lead.  I have appreciated Deb and her husband who live close to our parents and can help in times not only like this, when there is an illness, but day to day as our parents get older. 



My brother, Ron, is the comic relief and strong one.  Being a military guy, he always has a sense of calm in the midst of the battle.  He sees what needs to be done and gets about doing it.  Even if it means putting his over 6 foot frame into a small crawl space to seal leaking air ducts!  He can also lighten the load with his humorous commentaries.

 There is a sense of security being the middle of these two.  It's a place I love being, and this weekend it was exactly where I needed to be to make my world right.  I am thankful to our spouses who have given us this time.

 These last two weeks have been very stressful and emotionally draining for me.  I have relied on the support, prayers and faith of others.  I have found depth in a friendship that I hadn't realized was there before, someone who during these two weeks has called, sent texts of encouragement and given me hugs that I didn't realize I needed.  I have felt the support of neighbors and co-workers who made it possible for me to make this trip home.  My heart is thankful.

 I return home with my mind at ease, my heart at peace, and wonderful moments that I will cherish . . .


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