This weekend, I played Doctor Velvet!

This weekend, has been quite an eventful one. First, Mom has been sick with a cold. She has been coughing, sneezing and had a horrible sore throat. Seriously hoarse. And even though she was really sick, she wanted to to help me take care of Grandma. Well, something told me to tell her not to bother, but I didn't want to tell her that. I mean, how do you tell your own mother to leave hers alone, because she's sick? But, Granny picks up fevers now so easily. I mean, she's always picked a fever or a cold when I got sick, even as a little girl. But, noe that she's bedridden, it's so much worse. So, I just knew that if Mom touched her, she would get sick. 

I was washing the dishes and I heard the bed rail click. I told Mom, 'Mom don't turn Granny and you're sick! Just wait a minute and I'll do it.  I said, just let me finish washing these dishes and I'll turn her!" Of course, Mom went ahead and did it. And as I thought, Granny got sick, too. So, even Mom went to work and I thought that she should've called in sick, I was taking care of Granny and she had a seriously high fever! When Mom came back home, she was even sicker and I told her, You've got to call in today! There's no way that you should be going to work and giving more people in the hospital your germs! So, fortunately, she did as I asked. 

So, I have been cooking, cleaning, decorating for Christmas and taking care of two sick ladies. Mom told me, Santa is going to have to be extra good to you this year! I said, No, he doesn't! I just wanted them to get better. Fortunately, Granny's fever broke and she's doing great and Mom is getting better, too. She's been out and even did a little shopping. I am truly convinced that is the 'Super Tonic' for many women when they don't feel well. Let's go shopping! 

I was kind of wondering if I could do it. I mean this is really the first time, that I've had had to take care of both , Mom and Granny and Mom couldn't help me! But, with the help the most Merciful God and his son, Jesus, I made it through! So now, I am happy that the CNA will be returning tomorrow and, who knows? I might even get to put up my Christmas tree. 

Speaking of which, I've got a question. I am a college student, so that means I am on a budget. Do you Ladies have any suggestions of Christmas ideas that I can do, for the house, that won't break the bank? Please feel free to comment! Thank you!

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