A Weekend out East


Sorry I have not posted anything in a while but I had been sick for a few days then went out to Long Island to visit family.It was so nice to get away from our rental in the “wood” and head out to Eastern Long Island.I have been going out to Sag Harbor/Southampton since I was 12 years old.I have so many fond memories of this place and consider it to be my second home.

I was so excited to introduce the boys to Long Island and explain to them that it’s the “shore” of NY.They were so interested in all the farms and crops.Of course there were meals to make but decided to incorporate a lesson in the importance of buying local.We headed to North Sea Farms to get some local produce and cheeses (tried to keep them entertained and not notice the chicken farm there as well).We made “local pizza” from their mozzarella and homemade sauce.

The next day had to figure out something to do besides shopping.I decided to Google HAMPTON KIDS and to my luck there is a Children’s Museum of the East End (CMEE.org).If you are ever out that way it is definitely a must.They have fantastic permanent exhibits like a seafaring pirate ship, a musical forest, and a local produce market.Everyone got a huge kick out of the potato chip machine.Here kids can drip a potato down a shoot and watch it get transformed into a chip.It looks so real even though they are fake potatoes.They waited to get a “bag of chips” then I had to explain it is pretend and we can get chips at the store, my Aunt was even fooled and had to convince her!

The best part of the weekend was all of us watching a family of deer eat from the front lawn.It was amazing and they got some great pictures.I believe there were about 6 deer 20 ft. away from the kitchen window.Now that was something worth being quiet for (10 full minutes!).


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