Weekend Recap

I'm a tad late on the weekend recap so do forgive me. Better late than never though, right? So let's get started! My Friday workday came to a close and Kevin was actually already out of town for a bachelor party in Michigan (yes, another bachelor party! Kevin and three of his best friends are getting married within the next year). Jenny called me and invited me over to watch Memento. We had decided we wanted to watch it for some reason so she ordered it on Netflix. I thought it was a good movie, definitely one that makes you think (it is shot in reverse order, so I guess it would have to!). I was then treated to a home-grilled dinner with Jenny and her husband Tom. We stopped over at the local bar, the Chipp Inn,  for a bit and then called it a night.

Saturday was kind of the usual for me. Spin class in the morning, grocery shopping, laundry. I then met up with Jenny and her parents for a fundraiser at the Chipp Inn again. They had been at a wine tasting before and Jenny went up to people there and managed to procure 42 wine corks for me for my cork board project. Sweet! Now I only have  six more to go. We ordered some pizza and I went home fairly early because we were planning to to brunch at my place on Sunday.

And then Sunday . . . Sunday Funday! For brunch I made grits casserole and it actually turned out really great. I got the idea from Kevin's sister's husband, Tucker. Tucker is from Alabama and is an awesome cook! When they stayed with us around Christmas, Tucker made grits casserole and I loved it. It is basically grits, cheese, milk, eggs, and sausage. I am no Southerner, but I thought I'd give it a go. I was glad that everyone liked it. I also had bagels and cream cheese for the girls in case there were any problems with the casserole :) Jenny brought over a huge bottle of champagne she got for her grad school graduation for mimosas and Valerie (her bf was also on the bachelor party) brought over coffee cake and strawberries. Yum yum yum! Here are some pics of the spread:



Patio table all ready for the girls to arrive!

Jenny and I hung out for a while after brunch before eventually going to meet up with some friends at the Do Division street festival to see the band Murder by Death. Kevin made it back to town and was able to meet up with us there too.

Jenny couldn't get over these identical tiny blue convertibles parked right next to each other. Smurfs maybe?
Checking out Murder by Death at Do Division. Soooo crowded! Lots of fun though.

A little Mad Men before bed and then back to work for another week! At least the weather's great!

-Miss Mare

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