Weekend Recap

Oooops, it's Wednesday already. More than halfway through the week. Oh well, that's a good thing though, no? Here's what I did last weekend . . .

Like I mentioned, on Friday night I went over to my mom and dad's house to celebrate Father's Day. We relaxed and actually watched all three hours of the ABC special of Nik Wallenda walking on a tightrope across Niagara Falls. Yes, all three hours. ABC majorly dragged this one out. It was mostly just background TV while my nephew Bobby provided the real entertainment. Little guy was crawling around, playing with his toys and just being a little ham in general. Adorable! And yes, Nik Wallenda made it all the way across Niagara Falls (and he did have a safety harness in case, ABC required it).

On Saturday I headed over to spin class and did some errands. Then I found out about the whole wedding hotel debacle. Luckily Kevin found out that the Best Western does have rooms for that date, not super classy but at least an option. Poor Kevin was at work all day on Saturday! When he got home he just wanted to relax, so we watched Cedar Rapids (I was not a fan) and I hung out on the deck for a while with a book and a glass of wine:

On Sunday we went to the South side for lunch with Kevin's dad and Kev's sister Julie. We ate at a restaurant/winery called Cooper's Hawk and I got a chopped salad that was out of this world! After getting back to the city we walked over to Bucktown for Italian ice at Miko's. Fantastic. Perfect end to a laid back weekend.

-Miss Mare

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