Weekly Earthlinks, June 13

A Labor of Love:
From What's Fresh. I couldn't express better myself the philosophy and
motivation behind growing and selling local food. Be sure to check out
the double chocolate zucchini cake recipe, too.

Jumping on the Healthy Food Bandwagon:
from Marketing Profs Daily Fix. Food companies (i.e. Kraft, General
Mills, Sara Lee) are answering consumer demands for "Less" everything
and the perception of healthier product. Along with this is usually a
higher price tag. Is this a good thing?

Ecogeek's Guide to Saying Thanks to Dad: A green giving guide for Father's Day. This entry begs the question: Can one buy one's way to environmental responsibility?

Cloned Meat: A logical next step:
From Word of Mouth. An unusually non-emotional discourse on the place
of cloning in our selective breeding practices. Here is someone who
gets that this is more of a non-issue than one worth "media
hand-wringing and deep moral debate about Frankenstein Friesians".

Food Safety During an Emergency:
From Momify. Loss of power during an emergency can endanger the food in
your refrigerator or freezer. The USDA has published a Guide that
includes tips on what to do in floods, power outages and removing odors
from freezers and refrigerators. I wish I had seen that last bit last
Thanksgiving, when I forgot to turn my frig back on after cleaning it
out and then left for a week out at the ranch!

Celebrating Extinction:
From Ethicurean. This is a spoof on bluefin tuna extinction so well
written that I took it seriously. After my recent mistaking of the
"Obesity Causes Global Warming" for a spoof, I'm convinced that it is
hard to tell in today's world what is outrageous and real and what is
outrageous and fictional.


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