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welcome to the Good Fortune Scopes for the week of Agust 17th - August 23rd

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Grab the tiger by the tail. Don’t think about it, just do it. You’ve been putting off the exploration of a dream and it’s getting painful. It really doesn’t matter what happens Aries, what matters is that you try. There is some excellent energy working in your favor this week in terms of opportunity and your ability to capitalize on it. Your body will tell you what to do and when to do it so find a way to quiet the mental chatter. A wish will come true this week. You’re about to get something you want but the way it shows up will surprise you. Be open and let go of the picture you hold about how it will all come to pass. Lots of people are showing up to be a part of what you’re creating. Watch your boundaries or you might get blown out by all the attention.


A sudden revelation is making your whole world look different. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. You can no longer claim that you don’t know what to do. The responsibility might feel a little heavy. Make it fun. Taurus. Unhappy people seem to be crowding around you for healings and help. Make sure you don’t give more than you have. Depletion is something to watch out for this week. Look at this particular challenge as an opportunity to work on boundaries. Don’t be afraid to say no knowing that the best healing you can give sometimes means giving no healing at all. It’s time to pamper you. You’ve been putting pleasurable activities off, in hopes of getting more accomplished. Break that habit now.


Resources are tight and it’s causing stress. You might be resisting the space you’re in and spending a lot of time dreaming about someplace else. Try to have fun with the limitations. Use your creativity to overcome obstacles and blocks. Be resourceful Gemini and the resources will start to flourish. You feel pressured to make big decisions. Maybe the best decision you can make is to put off making other decisions? Give yourself the gift of a little more time to gather information before choosing a path. Your mind is racing this week. Anything you can do to cultivate calm is a good idea. Be prepared to live with the stress of over-thinking things. Make peace with it and you will immediately notice relief. Funny how that works!


Let your heart open up a bit this week, Cancer. You’ve been holding back the love in hopes of getting everything off your to do list. Stop putting relationships on hold. Could it be that you’re not feeling your best and don’t want to be seen until you’re in a better space? What if the key to getting in a better space is making time for connection? These are questions worth putting some thought into. There is pressure on you to get involved in a business opportunity that looks good but feels fishy. Go with your instincts. This is a disaster in the making. The delays and frustrations populating your workspace are driving you crazy. You keep putting out fires only to have new ones break out. Let go and let god as they say. Trying to control it is not your job.


Internal tension is building Leo. You are getting ready to take action and your creative energy is amped way up. This might be causing feelings of irritability and impatience. Be careful about how you express it. Don’t burn any bridges just yet even if you are convinced that doing so is the only way to freedom. The breakthrough you’re looking to create might not seem too impressive at first but the seeds you planted promise to bear fruit, so hang in there. You are in need of new spaces and relationships to explore. Something you once loved dearly is feeling stale. Don’t try and change it, just give it some space. It will be different when you come back from a much-needed adventure. Work on you and the rest will fall into place.


You’re in the midst of a big breakthrough Virgo and it might be feeling more than a little chaotic. This is an exciting time, one in which progress is assured. The contacts you make now are important, so get out and mingle. You are spilling over with ideas and energy and everyone wants to be a part of what you’re creating. Watch your boundaries! It’s easy to work this week. Your energy is high and even the most mundane projects seem fun. The more order you bring to your routine, the farther the distance you’ll travel. Make time for friends and family. There are wonderful surprises in store for you at home. Love energy is strong in your world so go ahead and make overtures if there’s someone you’ve had your eye on.


You need lots of space for exploring and for experiencing your feelings this week, Libra. Moods are unpredictable and what feels good will shift and change from moment to moment. Allow yourself to go with it. You’re on an important journey though you may not know it just yet. There are frustrations aplenty in your world. No matter how hard you push, you’re not seeing the results you want and expect. Let go of the picture you have about how it’s supposed to look. Cultivate an open and responsive space. You need time to gather more information before making a commitment. Be patient even though a part of you is desperate for a clear plan to follow. Warn loved ones that you are apt to change your mind about anything and everything. This will help you avoid some trouble.


A shake up will have you looking for new ways to get grounded. Though you might not be in the mood for disruption, there is a big gift in all the madness. You are being liberated from something you didn’t even know was limiting. It might take a little time to get your head around the opportunities that are rising from the ashes of what just ended. Luckily you have the resources and support you need to feel safe during this transition. In fact, you’re discovering you have more than you thought. A new ambition is taking shape and even better, the path to getting there is wide open. As you move toward a new dream you have the delightful experience of discovering abilities you didn’t know you had. All in all, it’s a big week for positive changes.


Slow deep changes are moving you closer to a long held dream. The problem is, you don’t see it so it’s easy to doubt that you’re making progress. Relax, Sagittarius. Spend some time this week thinking about where you were three months ago. Certainly you can see progress when you look back? It’s time to clean up a bit. This might be literal or figurative or both. Your world is disorganized and it’s more of a problem than you think. Though it’s not your favorite thing, do it before the pace picks up and life gets more chaotic. You need order to capitalize on the magic that’s coming. Notice how easy it is to create conflict. Lots of people you care about are spoiling for a fight. You get to decide how you want to respond. Watch the reactive urges.


You’ve backed yourself into a corner without realizing it. Now you’re feeling trapped and desperate to escape. Calm down Capricorn. If you take a few deep breaths, you’ll start to see that the confinement is mostly a matter of perception. Don’t forget that you have choice and can move in any direction you want once you give yourself permission to do so. Distract yourself with social fun. You might have to force yourself to show up but once you get there, you’ll forget your woes and relax into amusement. Big things are on the horizon. You feel it but it seems like it’s taking an awfully long time to get there. It’s happening faster than you think. Stop watching the clock and finding something more productive to focus on like what’s happening here and now.


You’re stressed out Aquarius and it’s causing you to make choices that are reactive versus proactive. You might have to make an extraordinary effort to stay grounded and focused this week. Put some energy into activities that help you blow off steam. You’ll be grateful to have productive outlets for the volatile energy that’s collecting in your space. You might find yourself defending your actions to someone who doesn’t get it. There’s no need to take it to heart. You have nothing to explain really. Keep doing what you’re doing and your success will speak for itself. Dreams promise to be intense and filled with helpful clues. It might take effort to decipher it all. Keep a journal handy and capture these fleeting pieces of info for later reflection.


Spiritual forces are working in your favor this week, Pisces. Projects and relationships that have been relentlessly frustrating are starting to move and produce the desired results. It might be a challenge to relax and enjoy it. You seem to have a fear that at any minute it will all be taken away. Banish the thought! A happy surprise is lurking out there. Don’t hide away or you might miss it. Be open to exploring anything and everything that crosses your path. Snap judgments will not serve you now. It’s time to start seeing who you really are. Stop identifying with problems and flaws. Sometimes you pretend to be more troubled than you are. After all, everyone loves the underdog. It’s time to show up with the full range of your power.

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