Weekly Good Fortune Scopes!

Scopes for the week of August 24th-30th.


Big changes have you reeling. It seems like there’s nothing solid to grab onto this week, Aries. The more chaos you encounter, the more you want answers. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the dust to settle before you get a clear picture of your next step. Though your world is in turmoil, you still have the ability to create calm internally. It’s tough but doable. You are being set free from something constricting and though it’s painful, you will be glad once you get further down the road. Be willing to let it go. There are all sorts of opportunities shaping up and they’re about to come rushing in like an avalanche. The excitement of new things will soon have you forgetting the troubles you face now. It’s all right to grieve as you get ready for your new life.

What a wonderful week Taurus! There are many gifts in store for you. All you need to do is show up and be receptive to opportunity. Be discriminating. Not all the offers coming your way are interesting or fulfilling. You’ll know the best ones by how your body feels. Don’t talk yourself out of pursuing the best ones. It’s time to put insecurities and doubts behind you. Your money energy is excellent and though you might not see big gains, there is a wonderful sense of slow, steady growth. Be patient with this energy and you’ll be amazed at where you end up. Put attention on your body. It’s time to indulge your senses with beauty and pleasure. Don’t underestimate the healing power of simple yet delightful treats. The more you give to yourself, the more will come.

You’re feeling ambitious this week Gemini and need plenty of room to adjust plans and move forward. You might be irritated by the slow pace and the seemingly, endless details that need to be addressed. It will take focus to keep your cool and resist the urge to do something rash that will not produce the abundance you want and need. Keep an eye on your urge to be destructive. This can be channeled in productive ways with a little foresight. A relationship is threatening to take power away from you. It’s partly your perception, so do what you can to reframe the story. Under all the strife, peace waits for you. You seem resistant to the calm that’s available. It’s as if you’re afraid that without the tension, you’ll be less creative. Maybe…maybe not.

You’re irritable this week, Cancer. Everything is annoying. Notice it and work to have a sense of humor about your state of being. There is a lot of creative energy pouring into your space. You can use it for so many things that it’s hard to figure out where to put the focus. This is apart of what’s bothering you. Physical activity can help you get your energy flowing and calm you down. Someone is asking you to take a break and play. Instead of treating this like another problem, take the offer and go for it. You need some new scenery and refreshment. You won’t feel like doing it but do it anyway. This persona has a gift for you. Take a little time to reflect on all the magic in your world. You have a ton and being grateful for it will bring more.

It’s tempting to get off track this week, Leo. You feel pulled to explore and adventure but you can’t quite give yourself permission to go. Fighting it isn’t going to work. You need to get this out of your system, so do it with awareness. If you keep stuffing the feelings down, they will pop up in a less than pleasant way when you least expect it. There’s a wonderful sense that something amazing is about to happen. You’re not imagining it, so get out there and get ready to receive. When the magic shows up, take action to grab it. Your instincts will guide and direct you. A new project is gaining speed and has the potential to take you far. You’re so passionate about it that it won’t feel like work but more like you getting closer to a deep and healing truth.

You’re in your own way, Virgo. You are so focused on all the hurdles that need to be overcome that you can’t see the path clearly anymore. Stop anticipating what might happen and be here now. Part of what has you out in the future is the sense of helplessness you feel about making things better here and now. A relationship needs attention and you seem determined to avoid looking at it at all cost. You have a fantasy about how you can make it better and it has to do with accomplishing a certain goal. While that might help, you can create healing and connection now if you just turn around and show up. Be yourself and stop being afraid that you aren’t enough. Move from doing to being. That ought to do it.

You have the whole world in your hands this week, Libra. It might be slightly intimidating to know that you can have whatever you want. It also feels a little lonely at the top. You’re used to having problems as a way of creating connection. Who will love you when there’s nothing to struggle over? The answers to these questions can be discovered now. The people in your life who disappear when everything’s great are not true friends. They’re folks who tend to capitalize on your suffering. Sad but true. Get to know this dynamic so that you can put it to rest for good. It’s time to start coming up with a next step. What would you like? Do some purging before you get back in action. Express your frustrations and resentments and be rid of them.

Powerful drives threaten to unbalance the safety and security you’ve been working so hard to build. There’s no way to resist the chaotic passions that are infusing you with energy. You need to work with the energy instead of fighting it. Is it possible that these energies are breaking you out of a stagnant position? You might be more confined than you realize Scorpio and in your tight spot your gifts and abilities just can’t shine. This is a great week to take risks whether or not you feel ready. Go for it and let the chips fall where they may. A conflict with a loved one is growing in intensity. You keep doing your best to avoid it but it’s not going away. Face it and do what you need to do to create equilibrium. You’ll feel much better when this space gets a healing.

Big lessons are in the works and though you prefer the lightening bolt of inspiration, the lessons you’re mastering this week might require fortitude and patience. There is a heavy quality to the energy in your world Sagittarius. You have too many responsibilities that don’t feel creative or fun. There’s no way to play hooky right now. You need to bear down and get to work. Once you get in there, you’ll find satisfaction. It’s getting started that’s hard. An old wound is close to the surface. You keep dancing around it and trying to pretend it’s not really real. Go ahead and dip into it even if it means feeling sorry for yourself a bit. Notice how hard your mind is working to distract you. Don’t let your mind run the show unless you want to drag this darkness down the road with you.

There’s a ton of support for you and your goals this week, Capricorn. Can you cultivate a receptive space and let some miracles in? You’ve got to move from effort to fluidity if you want to make the most of the opportunity around you. Happy surprises are popping up all over. You seem to have the uncanny ability to know what to do and when to do it. Let your intuitive power guide you into a better place. There’s a part of you that’s determined to make it hard. It’s as if you feel more proud of your accomplishments when they are accomplished with blood, sweat and tears. It just doesn’t need to be this way! Your mind is quick to find problems. It will take gentle discipline to quell this habit. Why not undertake this healing now before you get busy living your dream?

You need to create order in your universe, Aquarius. You’ve been living with chaos for so long it seems normal. A little bit of organization can help you be more productive and give you more down time for fun and reflection. Someone has gotten control over part of your life. This might have seemed like a good idea initially but it’s about to become a problem. Get back in the driver’s seat before the situation gets out of hand. Slow changes are moving you closer to opportunity. The movement is so subtle that you might doubt the fact that you’re moving at all. Don’t be fooled. Your dream is getting closer and you need to be ready to grab it when it comes running by. Prepare for the harvest because it’s coming and it’s going to be huge.

The people around you are immersed in conflict and they seem to be thriving on it. This is a bit of a problem for a peace loving spirit such as you. You’ll have to be creative and find ways to detach from it all if you want to maintain that inner calm you so love. They don’t want you to step away, so be prepared for resistance. Mood swings are to be expected this week Pisces. There’s a healing in progress though it’s too soon to get a feeling about what it all means. Go with it and don’t worry too much about making sense of it. It will all come together soon. Protect what’s important to you. Know what needs to be treated as sacred and be willing to communicate that by word or deed. Others will follow suit when they see how serious you are.


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