Weekly Good Fortune Scopes!

Welcome to the Good Fortune Scopes for the week of November 2nd – 8th

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You need some love Aries!  It’s waiting for you, all you have to do is get out there and look around.  Someone has a crush on you.  You might feel ambivalent about this opportunity but it still feels good to be wanted.  Be willing to play with this person with honesty and integrity.  Inside, you feel lonely and unsure of where you’re heading.  You’re right where you need to be and the light will come on soon.  Listen to your heart.  A decision you made long ago has come back to haunt you.  You have a lot of power and can decide how you want to respond.  Be compassionate when looking at the past.  You made the best choice at the time.  Know that a gift will emerge from whatever painful circumstances are gripping you now.  Your dreams will blow your mind this week. Write them down for later reflection.

It’s your kind of week, Taurus.  There are opportunities to expand on stability and abundance and even better, it will be easy.  Hold your ground when minor opposition to your dreams and goals arises.  You don’t need to do much to keep the focus but be prepared for distractions because there are some in the works.  An old regret is causing a bit of a problem.  You seem to be unable to let go of it.  Work on forgiving yourself for decisions you made in the past.  Know that you are right where you need to be.  Ambitious energies are building in strength and can take you far, especially if you pace yourself.  There’s no need to rush or hurry.  If you start to feel pressure to move faster, slow down knowing that you can’t make a mistake, even if you try.

Something you love is ending.  You know it’s time to let go, Gemini but it’s hard, especially when you have no idea what’s next.  The love that was created here isn’t really ending, it’s just changing shape.  Trying to hang on to it is choking the life out of it.  Be willing to create some space.  There is pressure on you to agree to something that will not work in your favor.  Your intuition is trying to tell you what to do but you’re having a hard time listening.  Cultivate flexibility and let go of your stubborn need to make things just so.  A passion is pushing you to take risks and let go of control.  You might feel afraid to explore it.  Something wonderful will emerge from the adventure if you allow yourself to go.  Being wild will open your world up to bigger and better things.

Your emotions are all over the place this week, Cancer. Your opinions shift based on how you feel and it’s fast and furious.  This makes it difficult to come up with a plan and stick to it.  Consider the possibility that you need to be flexible now more than ever.  Be willing to relinquish the rigidity you’re trying to apply to your plans and goals.  It’s not a great time for big decisions.  You simply need more time to gather information.  It’s hard to be patient when you want to move on.  While you wait for the pieces of the puzzle to come together, work on cleaning up old relationship agreements.  Get unspoken truths off your chest.  This will help your emotional body settle down again.  Writing, singing, painting and meditating will also bring relief and get you back in the flow.

You are magnetic this week, Leo.  People want to be around your warmth and passion.  You’ll enjoy the attention but might find it necessary to take a break here and there.  It’s easy to go after what you want.  You are unafraid and ready to take risks.  A project that once seemed promising is hitting the wall so to speak.  This is upsetting and frustrating.  Before you give up, step away and give it some space.  If you take a break, you’ll be surprised at the creative solutions that come to you.  This will help you get the project back on track.  You are vulnerable to the psychic energies around you.  Your moods can shift and change quickly depending on who you’re spending time with.  If your heartstrings are being tugged, take action to give and be generous.  This will get you in a better mood.

Do what you can to cultivate peace this week, Virgo.  You have a lot on your mind and it’s been tough to communicate your feelings and needs.  Write it down if you need to but take action to get it all off your chest.  The intensity of your emotions makes it difficult to say what you want.  Move the emotional energy and you’ll feel much better and more focused.  Big changes are forcing you to make adjustments.  It’s difficult to get a sense of what’s coming.  Know that you are entering a bigger arena, ripe with opportunity.  Knowing this will help you get grounded and ready to rock and roll!  Get some advice from a mentor.  You are in need of wise counsel and can get it if you ask.  There’s no need to feel self-conscious about it.  Your mentor will enjoy being of service and sharing information.

It’s hard to know what to do this week to create more harmony, Libra.  You’re getting mixed signals from someone you count on for stability and calm.  Instead of stressing out about what it all means, step away and let things play out.  If you are patient and detach from the part of you that wants to fix it, a happy surprise will emerge.  You are attractive and inspiring now and can create new friendships if you want to.  All you have to do is get out and expose yourself to some fresh faces.  At work, people are showing up to support and further your goals.  Some of the attention you’re getting is challenging.  You might not like all the people who want to get to know you. Be diplomatic when saying no to unwanted attention.  Contemplate boundaries and what they mean to you in present time.

A sudden moment of clarity will help free you of projects and relationships that have become draining and unfulfilling.  It’s as if you have complete and total permission to put your dreams on the top of your own list.  This will bring relief and a lot of fresh energy.  A relationship is offering you shelter and support.  It’s wonderful to have an ally who offers unconditional love.  Be sure and let this person know how valuable they are to you.  Another relationship is confusing and difficult.  You can’t seem to get a handle on what is being asked of you.  The mixed messages are driving you crazy.  Take time to sit down with this person and hash it out. The truth is, it might be time for space.  The revelation you have at the beginning of the week will give you the strength to make changes.

You are surrounded by fear this week.  Some of the fear is yours and some of it you picked up from the people you love and care about.  It’s hard to figure out what belongs to you Sagittarius.  During times of confusion, it’s important to slow down and refuse to take drastic action until more information is available.  This is hard to do because there is pressure on you to make up your mind now.  Say no to the pressure.  Opportunities are lining up for you.  Don’t settle on anything less than your dream.  It would be easy to agree to something practical and forfeit passion.  Don’t do it!  Chaos is affecting your ability to think clearly.  Take time to get organized and make a list or two.  Your stress level will drop quickly when and if order is restored to your normal routine.

A social slight has you questioning your likeability this week.  Let’s face it Capricorn, you’re hard to warm up to.  Your serious nature and tendency toward depression makes you hard to understand.  You feel left out of the fun but the people having the fun have no idea you want to be included.  It’s time to make your love life more of a priority.  Let everyone know you’re ready to play by hosting an event.  Be frivolous and silly.  This will help you heal those old wounds having to do with rejection and being left out.  Big projects are causing you to work overtime.  Your mind is stressed as you try and find a creative solution.  Taking a break will bring the information you need. More reason to party!  As you lighten up, the problems and challenges you face will fade in importance.

A burst of energy helps you tackle projects you’ve been putting off, Aquarius.  You are ready to take risks and assert yourself.  It feels good to be so free.  Keep an eye on your temper, as little things tend to irritate you more than usual.  Look for a charitable enterprise to get involved in.  Your gifts and talents are needed and you can also make some important new contacts in the process.  Helping someone in need will show you how much you have to be thankful for as well.  Your home life is in turmoil.  Loved ones are moody and difficult to satisfy.  This will bother you until you realize that there’s nothing you can do but let the stormy energy pass.  The difficulties at home will make it even more rewarding to help out somewhere where you are appreciated and valued.

You’re being way too hard on yourself about issues that are beyond your control.  Do what you can to stop the negativity, Pisces.  If you rest for a bit, the problems will clear up on their own without any effort on your part.  Normally you know how to let go but this week it’s a big challenge.  Your emotional life has been suffering as you put all your energy into goals and career related dreams.  Make some time for loved ones.  It will help restore balance for you and them.  You have a treasure trove of resources on hand, which feels great.  Know when to use them and when to be conservative.  You’ll be able to tell by the anxiety level in your body.  If you feel freaked out, STOP.  Know that you won’t miss out on opportunity if you decide to slow down and take your time.


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