Weekly Good Fortune Scopes!

Welcome to the weekly Good Fortune Scope for November 9th – 15th


A sudden insight has you ready to cast off old ideas and ways of doing things. It’s a very exciting time Aries and you finally feel like you have the freedom to create something new.  You’re not feeling very patient now, but patience is important.  Some of the changes you’re making will take time to implement and see to fruition.  There will also be surprising roadblocks and delays that challenge your ability to stay steady and get behind what you really want.  It’s important to create balance in your life.  Though your ambition is intense and occupies the majority of your time and energy, success in one area won’t create the fulfillment you’re looking for.  Your personal life needs attention too.  Don’t use career ambitions as an excuse to hide from love and the fears that come up when you think about it.

It’s hard to pick a course of action when moods and feelings keep shifting and changing.  As soon as you make up your mind, something new pops up that seems even more appealing.  If you can wait a while, you’ll be able to sift through it all and pick a path that will bring fulfillment and peace.  Your social life can offer refuge and refreshment.  Put some energy into connecting this week, Taurus.  You’ll find that reaching out to friends and loved ones offers tremendous healing.  There are delays that frustrate and challenge your faith.  Trying to push your way through is not productive and won’t yield results.  Surrender and wait knowing that the breakthrough you want and need is in the works.  Remember, a watched pot never boils.  Find healthy distractions while you bide your time.

This week can be as magical as you want it to be Gemini.  It all depends on your attitude and openness to things going your way.  Some of the obstacles you encounter now are actually opportunities.  It will take creative thinking to see your way past the initial disappointment of thwarted plans.  You may feel like you’re not getting the credit you deserve at work.  It’s painful to watch other people get the applause you think belongs to you.  Stay steady.  Your moment in the sun is coming and you don’t want to compromise that moment by acting out in petty and unconstructive ways.  Do what you can to tie up loose ends before the pace picks up.  Know that a new cycle is launching and it’s an exciting one.  It would be wise to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally while you still have time.

You have a firm foundation to build on this week, Cancer. Some of your efforts are starting to pay off and it feels good.  You are coming out of doubt and starting to believe that a fruitful harvest will manifest soon.  This will inspire you to take a calculated risk or two.  There is conflict brewing in your world.  This is not really your problem but because it’s affecting your loved ones, you feel a need to get involved.  Do what you can to stay out of it and trust that everyone involved is getting a healing even if it doesn’t appear so right now.  Take a break from chaos and listen to the quiet voice inside.  There is some marvelous information coming through but you won’t be able to do much with it if you can’t hear it.  Mediation will help you regain control of an unruly situation.

A golden opportunity is coming your way, Leo.  This is a once in a blue moon kind of moment.  You won’t have the luxury of hesitation or reflection when this opportunity shows up.  You need to act quickly and decisively when the moment arrives.  Instinct will tell you what to do and how to do it.  Trust yourself and your creativity.  An old project has become a burden and a drain.  It’s hard to get anything done when you are absolutely uninspired and have lost the ability to see the potential.  Little steps will help you get it done and give you closure and peace.  It will feel good to have it wrapped up and complete.  It’s time to get out and meet new people.  You’re bored and restless and in need of new stimulation.  Don’t hold back on the urge to explore and expand on relationships.

Big changes have you scrambling to adjust.  It’s upsetting to abandon a plan that looked so promising.  Know that whatever changes you face liberation is at hand.  After the dust settles, you’ll be pleased with the new landscape.  Make sure you take extra good care of yourself as you move through this transitional time period.  Notice and address feelings of fear and insecurity as they arise.  There’s no need to stuff it down or pretend it doesn’t exist.  Your vulnerability can be a great strength now, Virgo.  Certain projects and goals seem to be moving at a snail’s pace.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon you will be exactly where you want to be.  Patience is important. Don’t abandon anything just yet.  Some of the seeds you plant now will shock you with abundance and joy.

It’s hard to control your emotions this week, Libra.  You’re all over the place and it’s hard to figure out why it all feels so intense.  Instead of keeping it bottled up, you might be better off finding a place to vent and blow off steam.  Don’t judge your experience.  Be at peace with what’s coming up.  It seems like no one understands what you’re going through which is making you even more moody.  It’s tempting to lash out at someone close.  It won’t make you feel better to spread the misery.  It’s a great time to step back and create time for reflection.  There is amazing information and guidance coming through but you need to get in the right space to hear it.  A desire is getting painful.  The longing you feel is making your life seem empty and hollow.  Be willing to let go of this wish in order to rediscover the magic of what you have here and now.

You are tempted to take radical action this week Scorpio.  There’s nothing wrong with entertaining the idea, just make sure you’re grounded if and when you go for it.  You are hiding from a truth that threatens to change the way you see yourself and those you love.  Stop resisting this information.  If you can make peace with it, you will gain a tremendous amount of power.  You’ll have to move pass a judgment you hold against yourself if you want to prosper.  Hold your ground when pushed.  The opposition will fold quickly once it becomes clear that you are not giving in.  Your body needs attention and care.  Amp up on the sensuality and you’ll notice your energy level going up.  Don’t hesitate to make your health a top priority.  Find new ways to overcome the effects of stress.

Balance is essential this week.  Your head and your heart are pulling you in two completely different directions and it’s stopping you from making any significant progress.  Both the head and the heart have important information that can help you navigate whatever difficulties you face but someone needs to moderate between the two.  There are many opportunities for fun and pleasure now.  Get out and mix it up with some fresh faces.  This will lift your spirits and get you back in action, Sagittarius.  There is a wonderful sense of acceleration happening at work.  This is helping you feel more optimistic about long-term goals but it’s also chaotic and stressful to keep up.  Stay organized and keep your feet on the ground.  Take one step at a time and you’ll get there quick.

It’s hard to hold steady with your vision this week, Capricorn.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find your mind drifting and your energy dropping.  Short breaks will help you get back in action.  If you keep trying to force things to be the way you want them to be, you’re going to hurt yourself.  You have a tremendous stockpile of resources to draw from. Some of it is life experience and some of it is more material.  Be grateful to have so much at your fingertips.  You may have a sense that something big is starting to happen.  It’s a little unnerving, mostly because you can’t quite see what’s ahead.  Know that you will move through the changes with grace and ease, especially when you keep your attention in the present moment.  BE HERE NOW.

Stagnant energies are starting to lift, giving you a sense of excitement and expansion.  It’s great to see hard work paying off, Aquarius.  You can expect even more acceleration, so get ready for intensity.  Your intuition is very potent this week.  Dreams and fleeting impressions have the power to inform and direct.  Pay attention and don’t be afraid to act on what you see and feel.  Don’t get hung up on trying to make sense of it.  Trust the less rational part of your brain.  A burst of energy can help you get a lot accomplished.  This energy also makes you restless and impatient.  Do what you can to create a pace that works and resist the temptation to explode on someone innocent.  You are irritable and need to find healthy places to release pent up energies.  Otherwise, the creative energy could become a destructive force.

It’s time to go in a new direction Pisces.  You’ll have to trust your intuition to guide you because when you try and think your way through it, you just get confused.  It’s okay to feel good about where you’re going.  There are wonderful things ahead and you can feel it.  Slow changes are getting you in a great position to prosper.  Be grateful that the universe is offering you a gentle ride.  Mood swings might surprise you with their intensity and force.  See it as a healing and don’t over think it.  Your intuition can help you know when to take control and when to let go.  This is a subtle space to explore and might require you to make inner peace a top priority.  Activities that sooth and calm will pay off.  Don’t be afraid to assert your need for self-care in the face of demands and obligations to serve others.

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