Weekly Good Fortune Scopes!

Welcome to the weekly Good Fortune Scopes, November 16th – 22nd


It’s a potent time period full of mysterious and wonderful developments.  You may feel slightly out of control and unable to direct your life this week, Aries.  Go with whatever is unfolding now.  Even if it doesn’t look like what you want, give it a chance to show you what can be.  A sudden insight is helping you make sense of old patterns that wreak havoc and keep you from being able to reach the heights you’re capable of.  The simplicity of it all will stun you.  It’s important that you get everything off your chest.  Keeping your thoughts and feelings bottled up is not good for you and not good for your loved ones.  You are heading towards a blow up that will create drama that’s hard to clean up.  Expect to encounter delays when you least expect it.  A sense of humor will help you roll with the punches gracefully.

Passionate feelings are pushing you to take risks and extend yourself past your comfort zone. Go with these urges Taurus.  Fighting it is creating pain for you and slowing down your potential to achieve your goals.  You seem suspicious of the intensity that’s roiling around in you.  To make the most of the energy this week, you might have to be more authoritative and tell others what you want them to do.  This is also uncomfortable.  You keep hoping that somehow people will just know what to do and how to do it.  Get clear and communicate what your needs are, otherwise the resentment and irritation will eat you alive.  Get out some paper and starting writing down your goals.  This exercise will help you figure out what steps to take and in what order.  You’ll feel relief when you see it all laid out.

Powerful feelings might be exciting and frightening at the same time.  A passion is emerging with force and intensity.  There is no way you can ignore it, Gemini.  Face it and find a way to put it to work.  What you think you want will not satisfy you.  Liberate yourself from whatever you think it is you’re trying to create. The universe has bigger and better things in store for you.  Holding on to a picture of what it looks like is restricting the flow of magic and miracles.  You are doing your best to avoid some unresolved emotional junk.  Do what you can to generate peace towards yourself and anyone else involved.  It won’t go away on its own.  Happy surprises are waiting for you.  Let go of expectation and open to something new and undiscovered.

It’s time to acknowledge the end of a cycle. You may feel reluctant to move on, Cancer.  This project was exciting and fulfilling for a long time but it has lost its punch.  You can’t get the passion back, so stop trying and find something new to invest in.  You seem afraid to explore the dream that’s beginning to take shape.  Maybe it seems impossible to manifest from where you stand now or maybe it looks like a radical departure and one that will require too much rearranging.  You don’t have to act on it just yet but at least be willing to entertain the idea before you cast it aside as untenable.  Though you might feel like being reclusive this week, you would be well served by getting out and connecting with people.  Opportunities await!  You’re going to enjoy the attention and praise coming your way.

A whole new world seems to be unfolding right in front of you.  You might find yourself surprised and delighted by what’s coming, Leo.  Hard work and effort is paying off.  Projects and goals you’ve worked on for a long time are finally bringing the rewards you want and need.  You might feel like hiding out a bit this week.  Part of you wants to retreat and rest.  Do what you can to balance this urge with the need to show up and claim your prizes.  Trying to disappear could keep you from manifesting something new and excellent.  Create a celebration for yourself and others.  Be willing to be the person in charge of a gathering.  Others are looking for a space to make merry.  Your role in facilitating a space to celebrate will not be forgotten and will in fact bring even more rewards your way.

You have a lot going on Virgo and you’re doing a great job of keeping all the balls in the air but at some point you’re going to have to pick and choose more carefully.  You simply can’t sustain all the spaces you’re working on and do it effectively.  You may sense that someone close to you is being less than honest.  It’s just a gut feeling but it’s an important one.  Be willing to investigate and stand behind your intuition.  If you honor your own information in this relationship you will save yourself a lot of trouble and pain.  You are about to be recognized for your contribution to a project.  This validation is long overdue.  As much as you want to bask in the praise, there’s a part of you that has already moved on.  It’s too little too late.  Let this experience help you be more discriminating about where you spend your precious time and energy.

Open your heart even when your mind says not to.  Someone needs you Libra and you keep talking yourself out of helping.  It’s true that you don’t have a lot of extra time and energy to put into this space, but if you knew how rewarding it would be, you wouldn’t hesitate.  You may play the role of teacher and student this week.  There are many opportunities to grow and expand.  It’s a great time to sign up for a class or pick up a book.  Delve more deeply into subjects that fascinate you.  There are many moments of magic waiting to be stumbled upon.  Be willing to explore the world with open eyes, innocence and wonder.  You are about to remember something about yourself that is delightful and makes life much more magical.  Your charm is alarmingly high.

It’s a magical week, Scorpio!  You will be amazed by how things line up for you, helping you to make progress easily and quickly.  Temptations to manipulate your environment are fierce this week.  Be careful that you act from a space of integrity and truth.  Any sneaky moves on your part will backfire and create trouble.  The pace is picking up and you may feel challenged to keep up with it.  Forget about being graceful.  Expect and be ready for chaos.  There’s not much you can do to control it so you might as well make peace with it.  Someone dear to you is offering help and support.  Make sure you express gratitude for this person even if you don’t really need the kind of help they are offering.  It’s wonderful to have someone in your corner.  Be willing to extend help as well.

Put aside the internal dialogue of running criticism.  It’s not helping you be more of what you want to be.  If you listen closely, you’ll start to see that these voices don’t belong to you.  They sound suspiciously like people you’ve known over the years. People who just don’t get what you’re all about.  Banish them from the center of your head where they’ve grown a little too comfortable.  Make time to indulge your senses.  A walk in nature, a bubble bath or some fresh flowers can give you a big healing.  Don’t minimize the power of your senses.  It’s hard to pick a definite path this week, Sagittarius.  Can you give yourself the gift of more time to think it all over?  You won’t regret it if you do.  The pressure you feel to get going now is not going to get you to the abundance and love you need, so just say no.

You’re vulnerable to self-criticism this week, Capricorn.  The no pain, no gain energy you use to motivate yourself is not working.  It’s time to learn how to be more gentle and loving in your inner world.  Looking back and fretting over decisions made in the past won’t get you closer to your dream.  In fact, you don’t have to do much to make magic happen.  Just show up and be open to what comes your way.  Happy surprises are lurking around every corner.  Let yourself have the gifts the universe is offering you.  Take time to contemplate the resources you have.  It’s easy to get in a space of wanting to create more and more just for the sake of creating.  Be willing to stop and enjoy what you already have.  There is a wonderful foundation to build on but it means nothing if you can’t see it.

The wheel of fortune is turning in your favor Aquarius.  Don’t hesitate to grab what you want when you see it.  It seems that each opportunity coming your way gets bigger and better as the week goes by, so make sure you’re only investing in what you really want.  Otherwise you might find yourself overwhelmed with commitments that aren’t fulfilling.  Your romantic life needs attention. If you’re single, get out and mix it up. Love is waiting for you.  For those in partnership, you can create more depth and healing if you want to.  Mood swings might cause problems if you try and make sense of them. Let yourself float down the river of feeling.  See it as a ride and stay loose.  Intuitive information is powerful and your insights are stunning in their accuracy.  Use the information carefully.  Wait to act if you are uncertain.

An amazing opportunity is about to land in your lap.  You might not know what to do with it at first.  Don’t worry Pisces, you don’t need to be in a hurry.  This is the kind of thing that will take time and diligence to see to fruition.  Say no to the pressure you feel to make it happen now.  Your mind is spinning with ideas and inspiration.  You can hardly contain the enthusiasm.  Go ahead and share what’s on your mind with a trusted confidant.  The conversation will help you get clearer about the potential and what needs to happen to make the most of it.  It’s hard to be patient with so much creative energy in your body.  Get out and move, express the energy because if you don’t you’re bound to get irritable and slightly destructive.

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