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 Weekly scopes 9/14 - 9/20


Trying to recapture the magic of days gone by is tying up the energy you need to create something new and improved here and now.  There is definitely a need to process recent events so that you can move forward with a fresh and open-minded attitude, Aries.  Whatever it is you’re longing for wasn’t really that great.  It only looks good because you are uncomfortable where you are today.  There are tremendous opportunities lining up for you but you won’t even see them unless you get your energy and focus back to present time. You seem reluctant to address the fear and pain that you’re dragging down the road.  Looking at it and admitting you feel afraid is not a sign of weakness.  It is in fact an incredible sign of strength.  Things are on the upswing so hang in there.

You’ve got a lot going on this week though it might not look like it at first.  There are intense energies infusing you with the need to change and evolve.  Some of this will feel refreshing and exciting and some of it will feel uncomfortable.  The strange thing is, it doesn’t seem like your responsibilities should be generating such a big charge but they are.  There’s no need to try and figure it out, Taurus.  Spiritual forces are at play.  You’re starting to get a feeling for the next chapter in your story.  It’s passionate and bold but the more you look at it, the more you see the stumbling blocks and potential barriers to success. Don’t get ahead of yourself or you’ll get psyched out.  Continue to dream and expand on your vision no matter how unrealistic it might seem.

An open mind will serve you well this week, Gemini.  Opportunities are popping up all over the place and though some of them seem like the wrong fit, you might want to try them on anyway.  The unexpected holds great and happy surprises.  A seed you planted a while ago is starting to blossom.  This will help you feel better about other areas of your life that have felt stagnant and stuck.  When one space changes, all the spaces change.  Make sure you reach out and make contact with loved ones and family.  They can offer support and encouragement and may even be able to help you clarify your vision and goals.  The pace is about to pick up so squeeze in a little rest while you can.  Your world is expanding and it will be time soon for risks big and small.

This week you get to learn more about your power and how to use it effectively.  In other words, you might find yourself confronting a situation that makes you feel powerless.  Your first instinct is to struggle, fight and get defensive.  Take a deep breath Cancer and step away.  If you give yourself some room to see what’s really going on, you’ll realize that you don’t need to do much of anything besides hold steady.  Don’t waste energy and resources now.  Be conservative and let the storm pass.  It will and when it does you’ll be a great position to capitalize on emerging opportunities.  Keep an eye on your temper.  You are easily irritated this week and have the potential to damage an important alliance if you’re not careful.  Don’t burn bridges just yet.

Big energies are working in your favor this week.  It won’t be easy to move through the changes Leo but it’s time and you’ll have the support and resources you need when you need them the most.  Though you know you’re getting to a better place, there is still fear and trepidation.  Be kind to yourself!  You might be disappointed to discover that the people around you don’t seem to care or be available to support you.  If you take this personally, it will really get you down.  Try to understand that what your loved ones are really saying is…I’m not worried about you because I know how capable you really are.  Consult books, the internet and reach out to a mentor if you need information about your next move.  The answers are within reach.

If you see something you want, don’t hesitate Virgo.  Go get it!  You have an interesting week ahead.  One in which happy surprises will pop up all over the place, but it’s up to you to make the most of these opportunities.  Something you want is within reach but you keep restraining yourself.  You seem to be struggling with the fear of getting what you want and having to live with it.  This desire will not go away until you have it and move on. Putting off the inevitable isn’t helpful and will only create more longing and more pain.  You don’t have to be perfect in your approach.  Stumble on into it.  Women will play an important and supportive role in helping you create more of what you want.  Tap into intuitive and emotional wisdom to know what to do and when to do it.

It’s hard to know what to do this week.  You might feel a bit paralyzed and overwhelmed by current circumstances.  On top of that, you’re being way too hard on yourself, Libra.  Don’t be afraid to indulge in a little (healthy) escapism.  A break from what you’re thinking about will help you come up with a fresh approach.  There is a lot of ambitious energy building inside you.  It’s frustrating to not be able to move forward with your goals.  The path will clear soon, so get ready.  An amazing opportunity will show up later in the week.  You might not be certain of what to do and how to make the most of it.  Go for it knowing you will figure it out as you go along.  This opening has the potential to change your life.  That’s part of what feels so nerve wracking.

You’re taking way too much responsibility for a project that failed, Scorpio.  In fact, even thinking of this as a failure is a bit of a misnomer.  Something didn’t turn out the way you expected to, but it’s taking you closer to what you want, so stop lamenting.  Now that you’ve been set free, there are a ton of new and exciting ideas coming in.  It’s hard to know which one has the most potential for success.  Give yourself a little time and space to sit with these ideas so that the best ones can rise to the top.  You are blessed with resources, energy and support.  Get familiar with what you have on hand.  You’ll be surprised to discover the abundance that’s been hiding in your world.  Shift from thinking to being.  This might require mediation and relaxation.  This shift will work wonders.

Your intuitive abilities are potent this week, Sagittarius.  Now it’s just a question of trusting what you’re seeing.  Unfortunately some of the insight coming in runs counter to what you want to believe.  You might have to adjust your plans so get ready.  Willingness to change is important now.  Don’t let pride keep you stuck in something that ultimately will not bear fruit.  Take breaks to play.  You need to find creative ways to keep your energy and optimism in motion.  Your mind is fixated on your flaws.  Gently pull yourself out of that thankless pit and focus on what you love about yourself and your life.  With your psychic abilities on high, it’s essential to watch your boundaries so that you don’t pick up the negativity of those around you.

You have what you need whether you want to admit it or not.  The role of the tragic romantic is a fun one but it doesn’t really suit you Capricorn.  In your case, you are waxing poetic over what might have been which is getting in the way of enjoying what is.  A small pain is growing in intensity.  Your mind is making this way too big.  Take it as a sign that it’s time for healing.  You can get what you want, but you need to pull your attention back to what’s happening here and now.  Small steps can take you far.  Expect anger to follow the sadness.  Be productive with the energy.  It can propel you into taking important risks.  A new idea will surprise and delight you.  The potential is awesome and it’s exciting to be considering something you once would have pushed aside as uninteresting or unfulfilling.

Life is a balancing act this week, Aquarius.  Moderation will help you capitalize on important opportunities and keep you grounded and focused.  There will be many temptations to get out of balance.  A part of you is seduced by the idea of passion, but right now, wild passion could get you in trouble.  Your mind is racing with a million possibilities.  Give yourself time to sift through them and pick the ones with the most potential.  It may be painful to limit yourself.  Reframe this idea and see the magic of narrowing the field and amping up the focus.  You will be recognized and rewarded for your hard work.  Be gracious and thank those who helped you create success.  Find a way to celebrate your victory.  Doing so will help you get the energy you need for the next leap forward.

It’s a tough week, Pisces.  There is a sense of futility lingering over your life.  Before you panic and make too much of it, know that apathy is a signal that you are about to experience a breakthrough.  Don’t fight it.  Sit with it and let it show you the way to a deeper sense of passion.  Money and resources look more constricted than they are.  Try not to take it too seriously or panic.  Ride it out and you’ll see a return to the abundance you want, need and deserve.  There are many temptations to indulge in behaviors that will take the pain away.  Though you might experience temporary relief, long-term happiness demands that you stay present and work through the energy.  There is support available.  Take advantage of it.  Let yourself be loved and cared for during this mini dark night of the soul.


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