WEEKLY WRAP-UP: Better sleep and my shout-outs to the breakfast tipsters!

What a week! The rather brilliant Laurie Santos of Extreme Dream Training gave me some stuff to chew on regarding why I can't always sleep at night. I've already been re-thinking my workout schedule to help me optimize here. A good follow-up episode for me: How to get up when it's too dang early in the morning!

The responses to our breakfast giveaway have been outstanding. Some stand-outs: Deb on the Rock's resistance to the lure of snoozeCookie1135, pulls out the slow cooker the night before (perhaps Cookie could teach us a thing or two next week when we explore slow cooking). Marybeth i defers to the liquid breakfast while wickerwoman adheres to the 1 fruit+1dairy+1carb formula.

We also learned from last week's poll that "accomplishing something" is not a key reason why we work out (thanks, but I accomplish much in my day, with butt firmly planted in chair). So then, what makes us get ourselves to the gym? Weight loss and overall heath were neck and neck as top reasons. Being too tired and wanting to sleep in was the top reason why we don't.What broke my heart this week was this write-in comment from a member who has had a hard time finding time for fitness:

"I have trouble exercising because it seems so selfish, it is the
lowest priority on the to-do list, because it seems like it benefits
only me, even though rationally, I know that isn't true and I should do
it for my family too."


Thanks to tfrangie for kicking off the tips for next week's video topic: slow cookiing. I will have the Queen of slow-cooking to share some goodies, but we'd love to add yours too!

Happy long weekend, gals!