Weight Lifting for Women Who Want Sculpted Bodies

Photo: Best Adjustable Dumbbell Tips

When we think of weight lifting, it is often considered primarily a manly obsession to bulk up and impress the ladies.  However, weight lifting has become increasingly popular among women especially with more and more women wanting to work out from home.  Again, when we think of working out from home for women, we typically think of Yoga DVD’s or other fitness routines.

Working out with weights when coupled with a healthy diet, can produce some very impressive results.  The desire for the sculpted appearance of the muscles of the legs, glutes, quads and calves is gaining momentum. It is a proven scientific fact that weight training is a great way to increase the metabolic rate at rest.  Busy women who are juggling family and career don’t always have time to hit the gym and want to train at home.  It is possible to get that sculpted body with just one set of weights.

Women just getting started with weight training need to find the right equipment to work out at home.  Most weight lifting enthusiasts agree that buying adjustable dumbbells is the way to go. An adjustable dumbbell set takes up much less space than a full set of traditional weights and should end up saving money in the long run.  These sets will also help you systematically increase in strength.  Since you only need the one set you won’t need much space and can easily work out in the living room or family room.

For working out at home adjustable dumbbells allow you to easily convert your dumbbell into any weight you need, without wasting any time manually changing weight plates.  The great advantage of this type of set is that with as few as two simple dumbbells, you can do just about any exercise you want.

So what is an adjustable dumbbell? It is simply a set of weights that are located in a stationary dumbbell block. The dumbbell handle sits inside the weight plates on a base.  In order to increase or decrease resistance there is a knob you adjust or weight pin that you use to change weight amounts.

This type of dumbbells gives you the ability to develop strength and achieve the body you are working towards.  Additionally, adjustable dumbbells are ideal for physical therapy patients as the dumbbells are excellent at working on joint pains, back aches, or other structural problems using a slowly inclining weight.  But please do remember, buying a great set of adjustable dumbbells won’t get you any results, if you don’t use them!

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