Weight Loss

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I feel a million pounds lighter just from having unburdened some of my soul here, so thank you for being willing to carry the weight of some of my pieces and one day I will share the stories of all of the unbelievably loving and generous offers and support from friends and strangers. But I'm too tired right now.It felt like we were slipping into the kind of friendship where we would meet once a year for lunch and to talk about superficial shit and would enjoy it well enough, when it should be more that we spend enough hours in a dive bar day drinking that the bartender offers to have lunch delivered if we'll stop with the jukebox selections.That's the kind of friends we are, internet. We dance on tables and lie down on booth benches and talk too loud about the prime minister of Canada's butt and bitch about our kids and wonder why everything everywhere is sticky.We should live together. . . .

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