Weight Loss 2014: Getting Back on Track

It’s that time of year.  You know, when the gym fills up with all those annoying, non-committed people who swear they are going to make a change this year.  All of a sudden you can't find an empty treadmill and Zumba gets super-crowded with uncoordinated people who keep bumping into you because they don't know the routine.  But by March the majority of them have disappeared.  I should know—I was one of them just last year. 
I didn’t get a good start with the weight loss thing last January.  It was a mere three months after Mason arrived, and I had just gotten back into the swing of working on the old dissertation full time.  I was still carrying lots of weight, but was determined to get it off and write my dissertation at the same time.  (I’m totally laughing at that right now.)
By March my weight loss had stalled (and I quit going to the gym) and by May I had GAINED 10 lbs. But July finally came and I quit nursing, hired a trainer, and got back on the weight loss track.  Progress was good. 
Holidays were bad.
I held out until Christmas, and then for the last two weeks I’ve had a no holds barred attitude towards food—and the opposite attitude towards working out.  Time to switch that up again and finish what I started in 2013.  I’ve got my plan all laid out. 
Item #1: Clean eating.
You will not lose weight if you don’t control what is going into your face. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen some of the things I ate for the 10-Day Low-Carb Challenge. Good, healthy, protein-filled meals are on the menu again. Like this Sesame Salmon and Asparagus.

And lunch time goodies like tuna, broccoli with dip, cheese, and almonds.


Combine additional foods similar to the above with lots of water and green tea, and you have the makings of my clean eating approach. Plus eggs, like scrambled eggs, and fried eggs, and deviled eggs, and my favorite kind: quiched eggs. (That's not even a real word, but mmm, baked eggs with cheese.)  I'll share a recipe for my favorite crustless quiche really soon!
Item #2: Sweat it out 3 Days a Week (2 days with the trainer).
I just bought my last training package, and yes hiring a trainer two times a week is expensive.  But this is not the first time I’ve had to lose baby weight and it was not the first time I’d hired a trainer to do it.  
It was, however, the first time that we budgeted for the expense directly from our 2012 tax return. Might be something to consider for those 2013 tax returns if you’re in the weight loss market. I’m down to my last 12 sessions, so I have to make them count.
Item #3: Planned Cheat Days.
I like to think of myself as a disciplined person overall.  But put a plate of buttery southern-style casseroles in front of me, and I cannot help myself. I once told a friend that I love Cracker Barrel because you can get lots of good veggies there.  When we miraculously ended up at that mecca for southern food later the same day, I ordered hashbrown casserole (cheese), dumplings (gravy+gluten+chicken), fried okra (fat with a little veggie), and macaroni and cheese (gluten+cheese).  REAL healthy veggies, right? Throw a buttered biscuit on top and you’ve got yourself a heart attack on a plate.
Let’s just say my discipline could use some work.  Hence the need for a cheat day/meal/item now and again.  It keeps me sane because I don’t feel completely deprived. And it gives me something to look forward to along the diet track. Plus, the hubby and I both have birthdays to celebrate this month.  And I like to celebrate.
Once the weight is off, I can resume a healthy, well-balanced, everything-in-moderation diet that always works when the time comes to maintain. I just have to get there first.
Overall, I am so proud of all of the things that went down in 2013—to include my weight and my waist-line.  I just want to finish up the good work and get into my size 8s before summer hits—mainly because my summer clothes are either really huge now or those 8s from my pre-prego wardrobe.  I REFUSE to buy yet another different size. So let’s get it done, people.  Who's with me?!?




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