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Surprising news, My insurance approved my surgery. Bigger surpise its June 23, 14. YUP I have been running around for a week getting all the pre-op tests done, booked hotel for overnight stay and will be leaving for NYC Sunday. Its a complete whirlwind but I'm grateful in a way.

Having a date a month away might give me more time to collect my life but I also would stress about the issues I know will be part of my recovery. I am having a Laproscopic Duodenal Switch surgery, followed by a complete open repair for my large upper abdominal hernia. This is the troublesome issue. Having been a prior Open patient, I know full well the kind of pain to come. I would describe it as cutting a fish and then stapling it back together. The knitting of the muscle and tissue back together is excrusiatingly painful. The possibility of infection about 5X higher than Lap alone. And I will be saddled with 3 drains, GROSS. BUT the quality of my life will be so improved. 

Having more time only delays the inevitable and why worry about something longer. So I will be a new version of myself on June 24. 

I also wanted to include some informational sites for those who are interested in learning about this procedure. People are afraid of what they don't know and the science of weight loss surgery has advanced so much. The old standard that DS is risk and leaves you with poop issues are not exactly true anymore. I wouldn't say no one experiences side effects but the same is true of the other types of surgery. Changing our lives is more than surgery and the mental breakdown and rebuilding of how food effects you in your life is by far more important. 

So see you all in a few weeks when I'm up to writing.


Here are the sites, if your interested:





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