Weight Training

Ladies! I want to talk about WEIGHT TRAINING today.

Because I love weight training (again check with your doctor/healthcare provider before following any of my advice cos I know the equivalent of nothing, this is just all based on personal experience.)

A lot of women are scared to weight train cos they don't want to bulk up. Women just don't have the testostorone levels it takes to bulk up. And weight training is great. 

If you don't know where to start (or are looking for new exercises) I'd click this link here. It has amazing lists of work outs for both free weights and machines and tells you the muscles it works.

To give you an example of what I do, I'll tell you what I did today.

Bicep curls (biceps)
Bench press (biceps, chest) 
One arm dumbbell row (back, triceps/biceps I think)
Bent over barbell row  (back)
Tricep dips (from bench, one leg up in the air)

I also did the thing where you hold two weights with your arms at your side, then bring both arms up and out to the side (as if you were going to have someone measure your wingspan)

and the thing where you hold a weight in two hands about your head and dip it behind your head.

When I started all of this I was doing bicep curls at 10 pounds, bench press at 30 pounds, and the one arm dumbbell row at 20 pounds.

Now I do bicep curls: 15 pounds, bench press: 45 pounds, one arm dumbbell row: 30 pounds.

I can definitely see an improvement in my strength and the definition is coming slowly but surely.

I'll talk about legs & abs tomorrow, along with talking about 30 Day Shred which I just started!

Be warned though - I don't work out my legs very frequently because they're already very muscular and since I run and also jog on an incline, that works out my legs as well. 

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