Weightless Wednesday – The dreaded weigh-in!

Even if you failed math, you no doubt by now have noticed that the little ticker in the sidebar on the left is somehow now showing 10.4 pounds till my goal weight rather than 10.  When I went to update the ticker, even the program told me that my current weight was higher than my starting weight.  How great is it when even a web page can tell you that!  Not!  Smart alec!

So I chalk this new-found gain up to muscle gain.  After all, I’ve worked out,   um,  3 times since last week!  It couldn’t possibly be the 2 days sitting in a car, the 3 gourmet meals out with friends (including Chicken Parmigiano, a 5 course French meal, moose burgers and double good blueberry pie).  Neither could it be the 3 teeny scoops of ice cream a friend brought over for us last night.  (Which, by the way, kept Poppet wired all night!  No worries, I get the distinct feeling she is in sugar crash at this exact moment.)

How did you do with Weightless Wednesday this week?  Did you meet your goals?  Did you start a new routine?  Change diet?  Or indulge to the max?   Would love to hear all about it in the comments!

Warmest regards,




Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!


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