Weightlifting: No longer boys only!

Fitness at Forty   When you say the words "weight lifter" do you see big men with muscles bulging out of their necks?  If so, the next time you say it, look in the mirror.  You my friend, need to start lifting weights to help you maintain lifelong fitness.

According to SportsMedicineAbout.com lifting weights helps keep our metabolism running at full speed.  According to the article...

Studies performed by Wayne Westcott, PhD, from the South Shore YMCA in
Quincy, Massachusetts, found that the average woman who strength trains
two to three times a week for two months will gain nearly two pounds of
muscle and will lose 3.5 pounds of fat.

 I can lift a few weights for that benefit!

 naturalnews.com tells us that women who lift weights help increase their bone density.  Even everyday house work like pushing the vacum can help women stay fit and increase bone density.

Other excerisces that might help increase bone denisty that can be done at home are ...

 Fast Walking (walking with weights around your ankles or in your hands also provide resistance)

  • Jogging (jogging or running on concrete is not recommended)
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Step Aerobics
  • Dancing
  • Weight Lifting
  • Hiking
  • Stair Climbing
  • Push Ups

Remember that a little weight lifting will help improve both your metabolism and your bone density. So, when you think of a weight lifter, make sure you think of yourself.



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