A Weighty Story (Part 1)

Here is the deal - I have lost a lot of weight since last September - about 10 kg. I was never obese but always on the heavy side so 10kgs is a lot for me! And the weight has been off for some time now, slowly edging lower and lower (I have been losing about 1 -1.5 kg per month since November 2010). I am now back to the weight from my senior year in highschool. A brief history on how the kgs kept piling up:


When I went to college I was roughly the same weight as now.

(Relax, I don't usually dress like this - this was a halloween costume...not sure exactly who I was going as:)

I lost about 3kg during the first couple of months in college due to stress and not knowing what to eat in the cafeteria. My first year in college I was signed up for an all inclusive three meals per day eating plan. Unlimited amounts of food from a cafeteria that offered so much choice and diversity, it felt more like a Michelin restaurant. Seriously, it was so good that the only time I visited Cornell after I transferred to Columbia following my first year, we chose to go to the same cafeteria for lunch and dinner on that visit. It was that good.

During my time in Cornell I had no idea how to feed myself. I had never had to make my own meals having had the privilege to be raised by a mother who cooked home made meals 24/7. Back in Bulgaria we always had a salad on the table and a meal which centred around meat dishes. I simply ate what was cooked for me and boy was it good. I will have to do another 100 posts to go through all the things that my mom cooked and still cooks. I am starting to drool just thinking about this...

So when I went to college I was faced with unlimited amounts of food. In the beginning, I was too confused to eat anything other than beets (or as I called them affectionately back then "butts"...ah, the fun of being a foreigner with average language skills. A good friend of mine almost died laughing the first time he heard me explaining my love for roasted butts...no comment please!) To give you an idea of how much beetroot I consumed during my first months in college, I will only share that one day, while I was peacefully going through the next kg of beets in the cafeteria, the main chef sat on my table and asked where I was from. When I said Bulgaria, he asked me to speak to my mom and give him any recipe she has which I like so he could cook it for me. You see, he was concerned because he had been observing me eating only beets for a few weeks and was worried that his cooking wasn't good enough. Naturally he wanted to cook something for me that I would eat. He didn't think my beets/butts diet was a good way to feed myself. I think this was the last time I ate beets in the cafeteria. I guess I was embarassed...so I started venturing out and eating, and eating lots. And the weight started piling up. I was eating three course meals three times per day and taking away copious amounts of fruit for snacking in between meals. I also became obssessed with Cheetos (yes, I ate a pack per day during the second semester!)

I left Cornell after my freshman year and I transferred to Columbia in New York. On my first day in Columbia I was around 5 kg (10 lbs) heavier than my first day in Cornell.

To be Continued....


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