Weiner’s Wiener Pics: Causing More Whine Than Lust

By now you must have heard of Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY). In the past ten days he has become a household name.  How could he not? A man whose name is Weiner tweets out a photo of his wiener bulge, to women he doesn’t personally know, on a public social media platform.  He then makes up a cockamamie story about a mystery hacker being responsible for the tweet.  Unfortunately, this is not a work of fiction, but rather this is reality in modern-day America.

This article is not going to delve into the obvious and much discussed “what was he thinking?” aspect of the story. Clearly the man was not thinking (with the appropriate head)....But enough about Anthony Weiner, we actually want to talk about all the folks who have, in some way or other, publicly “whined” about Weiner’s wiener.  Just for fun, we have decided to call them the  ”Weiner’s wiener whiners.”



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