Weiner Truly Has The Good Wife: Ms. Huma Abedin

Now in a Mark Twain “truth is stranger than fiction” moment, we find ourselves watching a real-life “Good Wife”:  Huma Abedin, spouse of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner. Finding out that your husband has been sending flirtatious emails and graphically explicit “sext” messages to several, apparently random, women has got to be painful. Even more so when you are an intensely private person (as she is reported to be)  who is now forced to deal with her husband’s dirty laundry (well at least that which he kept on) in front of the whole world. Add to this whole sordid tale the facts that 1) Mr. Weiner and Ms. Abedin are supposed to be blissful newlyweds (married only 11 months), and that 2) the couple is expecting their first child, and you’re really just left feeling like this poor woman is getting royally shafted.

Not a single person could blame Abedin if she were to lock herself up in a room and not come out for the duration of this nightmare.  But Abedin, senior adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has done no such thing.



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