WEIRD Christmas? - Christmas Series

Looking for something different this holiday season?  Wanting to get down to business about Christmas instead of all the fluff?  Expecting some fun, too?

Well, you're in the right place! 

We do Christmas quite differently at our house, we focus on the real meaning of Christmas, and we have a blast for a whole month of celebrations!!!

I've shared our Christmas traditions before, and wanted to highlight the series that I wrote last year.  I'll likely write more about it this year, but all the basics are included in the Christmas-time at Our House series.  It's definitely not your NORMAL Christmas at our house!

Titles in the Christmas-time at Our House series:

part 1 - A Different Kind of Christmas

part 2 - A Christmas Tree with Purpose

part 3 - What Does Santa Say about Jesus?

part 4 - What Do You Do with Santa?

part 5 - Santa Lucia Day

part 6 - First, there was a Cow - A Progressive Nativity

part 7 - Who's Birthday Is It, Anyway?

part 8 - Fun Advent Family Devotions

part 9 - Reason for the Season Devotions

part 10 - Wise Men Still Seek Him - Epiphany Celebration

If you'd like specific information on any of these, leave me a comment here, or on the individual post, and I'll be glad to share some more about our festivities!!


Jesus is the Reason for the season


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