I am so excited that you found your way to my new blog!  If you are just checking me out for the first time and have NO IDEA who I am, please go back and check out both www.lymecentralstation.blogspot.com and www.detoxingthesoul.blogspot.com to get the true beginnings of this Lyme and Life blog.


The blogs mentioned above are now going to be combined in the same one and also include various other topics about life in general.  The reason??  I'm glad you asked.

I live with Lyme disease. My son lives with Lyme disease (he is 10).  My 15 yr old has Autism (possibly caused by Lyme disease) and I have a 20 year old son who is also exhibiting signs that were long overlooked or misunderstood.  This is my life.  Some days are really good.  Others are so bad I just can't describe.  Sometimes I want to talk about Lyme and my treatments and sometimes I want to talk about how truly blessed I am and sometimes I want to talk about everything else, because this is LIFE! 

So whether you are joining me for the first time or the 51st time, thank you for reading.  I hope that something I say in these lines will either help or be blessing to you or maybe just make you laugh at my silliness. I welcome all comments and questions, but I am here for multiple reasons, so please keep things constructive and respectful. 

Thank you again and here we go!

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