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Welcome to our very first blog post.  We can't even being to describe how excited we are to  be fullfilling our dreams of nourishing children and helping busy parents!

Bright Child Lunch Box was born out of a deep desire to nurture our little ones during what could be the most important time of their day during the school year, LUNCH TIME!  After we attended lunch at our own childrens' schools, we saw a big gap (ok, black hole) in the nutrition.   Thus began our purpose in life, how to provide the best nutrition for our children and yours!

The mission of Bright Child Lunch Box is two-fold.  Primarily, we serve nutritionally dense food and snacks.  After all, have you ever observed a child eating in the cafeteria?  If so, then you probably recognized right away that they weren't necessarily shoveling down the food. Actually, we're okay with this since the food they are typically servied is not healthy, contains highly-processed ingredients and whopping amounts of sugar.  That's where we come into play. Our meals are so nutritiously dense that even if little Johnny only at a quarter of his meal, that seemingly small amount was so efficiently healthy, that's it's actually okay for him not to finish his plate.  He can eat the leftovers on the carride home.  All of our menu items are non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy/fish/shellfish free and we totally avoid peanuts.  We do include almonts, cashews and coconut in a few of our dishes but if your child has an issue with that, those items can always be 86'd from his/her weekly meal plan.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

 Our meals are properly portioned according to your child's age so it's just the right amount for your little one!

The second aspect of our mission is to provide a convenient and affordable service to busy parents.  The time it would take parents to meal-plan, shop, prepare, cook, pack, etc. is condensed into about a 15 minute trip to pick up your child's lunch box for the next week or if you're in the 'sweet spot' aka: 5 mile radius from 30318 in Atlanta, GA, it's delivered for free!

We offer discounts for parents with multiple children. Hey, we're all in this together!

We look forward to the future and opportunity to serve you and your child!  Follow us on twitter, facebook and visit our website www.brightchildlunchbox.com to sign up and get started today!

If you don't see your city/state, contact us for more information! 


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