Welcome and Introduce Yourself

Welcome to our grown-up version of chess club.  First and foremost, introduce yourself.  Tell us your blog, what you usually write about, etc.  Next, tell us whether you were ever in chess club as a child/teenager, whether you still play, or whether you're trying to teach someone else the game.


I'll start--I'm Melissa and while I was never in chess club as a kid, I headed the chess club as a teacher.  My dad taught me the game (along with shesh-besh...which is like backgammon--hey, does anyone want to play that too?).  One of my summer projects is to teach my 5-year-old twins chess (my son rocks at mancala and is getting down the concept of thinking ahead moves) because they want to learn.


I write the blog, Stirrup Queens, and I'm also a contributing editor here at BlogHer.


So, what about you?


Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her book is Navigating the Land of If.


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