Welcome to Arizona

Sedona Arizona is the new place I rest my head at night, and will be for the next three weeks.  How quickly things change, flexible, being my motto.  Feeling lucky enough to reconnect at least once with most of my friends and family during my two week stay at “home”, I jumped on a plane to Las Vegas and drove my Uncle Steve’s brand new pick-up truck to Phoenix, then back to Sedona for a ‘Wellness’ center, A.K.A. cancer treatment center.  Driving in downtown Las Vegas and Phoenix being the scariest thing I’ve done in the past year, by far! 

Now my days are filled to the brim with a rigorous schedule, every hour on the hour something to do.  Sometimes just a simple juice to drink, or lunch, or ‘coffee break’.  (I’ll let those who are interested figure out that one, coffee breaks are a key ingredient to the Gerson Therapy.) Starting at 7am and finishing at 7pm we are limited to hour increments of time.  The first few days found us sleeping most of our time, us being my gentle giant of a big brother who has been burdened with stage IV colon cancer, and me.  Not yet knowing my role here I happily learn the schedule and take part in the three times weekly yoga sessions.  I soak in as much as I can, knowing yet not ready to fully acknowledge that this most likely will be our reality for the next several years.

Yesterday, day three, I left the center for my first experience of Sedona.   The city boasts a population of 10,000 and a 7:1 female to male ratio, or so I’m told.  The average Sedonian being a woman in her mid 50’s, single, here on her spiritual journey.  Store fronts done names such as “Crystal Magic” and “New Frontiers”.  The real magic however lies in the landscapes.  Solitary mountains every shade of red earth adorned with precarious rock formations that jut into the sky around every turn.  Simply breathtaking. 

Six of us, our yoga instructor, Cole, and his partner, Alyson, another client, Alan, and his wife, Denise, Doctor Jessica, and I set out on a mission to bury Alan in the red earth.  Being informed since his first yoga class Alan had felt a real need to reconnect with the earth.  So off we went, destination Buddha beach, a short drive to the base of Cathedral Rock where two statue type formations loom over the valley.  Legend has it that these two statues were once a married couple that bickered incessantly.  A nearby snake was so tired of hearing the two, he placed a spell on them, forever casting the couple back to back in rock at the top of the mountain.  Each sentenced to only being able to see half of the world.  Only in listening to the other would each be able to “see” the other side of the world.  We walked in their shadows finding a garden of rock temples banked beside the creek.

All save one of our group plunged in crossing the creek to reach the prime iron rich red dirt.  One by one we covered ourselves in the earth, exfoliating and invigorating.  Getting each other’s backs, while Denise stood on the other shore, snapping picture after picture as we transformed ourselves.  I lay down, basking in the early morning sun, soaking it all in.  Spontaneously we gently put our hands on Alan, in hopes of invoking the healing in us all. 

After rinsing in the cool water we decided to build our own rock temple, each adding a rock of our own.  Precariously it sits just at the entrance to the Red Rock State park, our imprint.

It’s 8am now, time for breakfast.  I have no idea what today has in store for us but I will gladly participate.  I hope this finds you all in a place where lending a hand is always welcome, in receiving and in giving.  And feeling the solidarity of the earth beneath you is acknowledged as a blessing, no matter where you are.        

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