Welcome Back, Kotter

So I knew things were going to bad this season when I saw the preview for the Target Juniors fashion lineup (okay, I didn't really see a preview - I just saw it in the store - whatever). I suddenly had flashbacks to my days as a charm-bracelet-wearing punk goddess in big shirts, leggings, and jelly shoes. Someday when I actually hook up a scanner to my computer, I'll have to share the glory that is my 2nd (3rd?) grade picture. Just know that whatever wait there is before I post it, it will be truly worth it.

In any case, I was horrified to see fringe, leggings and the material to ruin all figures - jersey - lining the racks in many of the stores at which I shop. Was it not bad enough the first time around? Shouldn't we learn from our mistakes? Apparently not.

Imagine my horror when I received the latest Vicky's Secret catalog (from which I do purchase the occasional clothing item in addition to other non-mentionables, I do admit), and caught a glance at some of these beauties.


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