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Lisa: We want to welcome you to our second annual event for men and women who want to start something. We started this discussion with where are the women in tech. We feel we are on the edge of women stating something new every day. We are excited to help you kick off the next step with your business.

Elisa: We want to thank Citrix Center and to introduce Catherine Courage.

Catherine Courage

Catherine: Good morning and welcome. We are proud to sponsor this event. This is a great opportunity to bring women together to network. When I first moved out here.I was eager and was working at my first tech company. "My boss said, I have this great opportunity for you. I know this guy named Joe and he is going to be your Mentor." I thought What is that? I don't need a mentor. Is he going to be a manager? I don't need another manager."

The relationship turned out to be so valuable. He gave me honest feedback. We are very close to this day. He gave me invaluable feedback.

That relationship made me reflect back over my life. I realized I had many mentors over my life. My mother and my sister were strong mentors for me. I learned from them that if you work hard you can achieve anything.

I had an aha moment recently. Tom Kelly from Ideo talked about reverse mentors. You find someone who is an up and comer who is 10 years your junior. They shake you up and challenge your thoughts and ideas. We get rigid and crusty. I've been trying out this relationship. I encourage you to get a reverse mentor.

Have a great day and thank you for joining us.

Jory: Thank our other sponsors. Best Buy. Ernst and Young. Penguin. Cooley and Goddard. Liberty Mutual.

Elisa: I'll do some housekeeping. Download the multiple app. There is the bio of the mentors and speakers, schedules, etc. The event changes based on the feedback of the attendees. Some of the exact sessions is because of the feedback. The session comes out of the feedback.

Please sign up for the dinners or self-organize dinners.

We are going to go into the mentoring sessions. You know who your mentors are and were there tables are. Half of you have a mentor session now and you are going to go meet them. The other half of you are going to do a guided networking session. Then you will switch. The networking will be run by our staff. Get in two circles. Think about these three things: How are you positioning yourself, what are the things you need, and how can someone help you.

Tear out buzz word bingo sheet for networking and use that.

In between each meeting you will have time to mark your card.

Once you are done with your networking session, pull your card. Someone will win a new iPad three. Add a Gamification. Look at page 125.

Q & A

Audience Member: Can you recommend how to handle the mentor sessions?

Elisa: For the mentor sessions, consider if you have a particular issue or problem you want to discuss: Do you have a bruise you keep rubbing up against that you want a perspective on.

Lisa: The question of how to manage your mentor session is a good one. I'd suggest you just say, "Hi, here are two are three things I'd like to get your advice on, I'd love to hear what you think." I think it is fine to collaborate right away on the agenda.


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