Welcome to Cicada Acres

Welcome to Cicada Acres


 Now that the goats have grown too big for their little fence at our house, Tadpole and Todd have returned to the farm. Without them around, yelling and MAAA-ing, the yard seemed too quiet, so we opened a cicada farm at our house.

It's a bit messy of a venture.


The stock is readily available,though, with a new red-eyed, adult slinking out of its nymph shell every few minutes.

The problem with cicada farming is that there isn't much to do with the little buggers. The only one who seems interested in eating them is Tibby. The kids have used the dead ones for a irreverent game of cicada baseball. Otherwise, they just make a lot of noise. A LOT of noise. I'm not sure cicada farming is worth it. I don't think we'll try it again for...I don't know...about 17 years.


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