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Hello, welcome to Design Box.

So this is my first post ... let me take some time to introduce myself.

melMy name is Melissa (that's me on the left), an interior designer born and raised in Toronto. It's hard doing the indie thing here cause it's so small. Yeah it's a big city, but compared to the massive population in the States it's like a little village; getting yourself out there in Canada is tough and I've got some big dreams to make happen.

I've recently launched this new company, Design Box. Basically it's geared toward the DIYers who aren't going to pay a designer $120 an hour to help them with their design woes.  For the past year and half I've been developing this idea that would make design services accessible to a wider range of people. It's an online-based service where you choose what magic you need done in your home, and I make it happen. I send you a design plan (what we call a design box) right to your home, so you have all the info you need to execute your design. You get the exact same service you would if I were to come into your home... the only difference is that you need to take some measurements for me (no biggie).

What's my design style?

Well, I am pretty eclectic, but that's not to say I'm going to force any particular style on my clients. I work with what you want and how you envision your space. I'll get enough info from you to understand what your looking for in your space. The other thing that I'm big on is using what you've got. I've been in the situation where you can't afford that beautiful, but overpriced and mass produced coffee table for $3500... it's all about product rescue. Find a new life for it. I came across this quote that pretty much sums up my design philosophy:


Anyway, so that's the Design Box service that I offer. The other half of Design Box is this blog.

There are tons of design blogs out there, and they're fantastic-  I follow the good ones all time.  Design Box will come from the interior designer's point of view. I find inspiration in everything so you'll see a lot of that. I'll also be posting about my favourite aspects of design and pretty much anything I think you'll love too:

  • new and/or loved materials (surfaces, textures, applications, etc)
  • inspirational spaces and people
  • my work and projects
  • "industry" news
  • green design options: I'm big on this, and try to make my work as ethical (socially and environmentally) as possible
  • etc ...

So, that's the plan. I hope you'll enjoy what I have to share.

Thanks for reading.



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