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S1: Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Co-Founder
S2: Jory Des Jardins
First BlogHerPro. Jory had her baby and now she's back.

Elisa: Women Work study results have just come out.

About BlogHer: A number of you this is your first event, for those who think that it's only for events, we want to provide clarity. We are community, network, and media company. We're online 15 million readers of our network, Events is how we all come together. born in 2005.

The 2012 BlogHer Women and Work Study

How women feel about the workplace. BlogHer.com/research

First statistic is that 21% of the BlogHer audience are either self employed or own their own business.

More highly employed. We love our work, 31% say that they love their work. And self employed work say they do their own thing and they're okay with it.

For underemployed or underpaid, they go out and make a change.

We're happy in our work but we see problems in our professions. 44% still see questionable or unfair practices going on in gender equity. This was consistent across generations. Younger generations has a rosier view of gender equity. Women as a whole still see issues in the workplace. A lot of us are then driven to entrepreneurialism.


Sometimes we're not good at talking about money. Couldn't have started BlogHer if I hadn't saved any money. If they didn't have to work for financial reasons, would you? 20% said absolutely?

What constitutes success? Money is so low on the list. Lowest income earners rank money higher. People making less than25k a year they list money as less high.


Who is the ultimate success? someone building a business. Substantial part of your business is giving back to others. From 2009-2011, they paid network members over 11 million $. And the poignant responses we've gotten is that they are successful, hiring people.

Making my dream job happen

when people talked about their dream job, people said really out there things, people said what they are doing right now to attain their dream job and how they're making their dream job. We believe in mentorship to make that happen. A lot of the community has benefited from mentors and mentored others. Many millennial women have also said that they mentor others. The ethos of supporting one another is something women do really well. Special place in hell for women who don't help other women.

Jory: Snap shot of you

Many of you are here to refine your skills and improve the work you do. Half of you want to grow your traffic by at least 50%. Want to grow income 50% but won't say what you're making. People are more comfortable talking about sex than money. All of us have websites whether a blog or a business, site, Twitter handles we though it was a little low on Facebook but perhaps we aren't recording the same way because it's personal Facebook. Almost half of us have Pinterest in such a short amount of time.

Elisa: You're way more connected than the average internet user.

There are three tracks today

1: the growth track: all about growing reach and influence

2: sales and marketing: all about taking you through your brand and going through the marketing life cycle

3: Expert skills

They then described the schedule for today, break outs, and keynote speakers.

Then tonight we're going to headquarters of Zynga.

There is also an app

We want to thank the fabulous BlogHer staff.

Our speakers who you will be seeing throughout the day, we can't do it without you. And we couldn't do it without our sponsors, Bing, Zynga, Postmark.

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