Welcome Home Mr. President

It’s long been known that former President Lincoln's ghost has said to have been spotted from time to time in the White House. Whether you believe it or not, stories told by people such as Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, and Lyndon B. Johnson seem to carry some weight in the speculative possibility that there may indeed have been an extra President in the White House for the last 144 years.  

It’s easy for me to imagine the lanky figure of Abraham Lincoln walking the halls and peering out of the windows of the Oval Office, watching as the landscape of our nation’s capital changed and grew. I wonder would he have approved of the Lincoln Memorial or would he have thought it too grand. Was he there in the shadows as Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the steps in front of the monument built to honor him, the man who set the changes to come in motion by signing the Emancipation Proclamation. Did he hear Dr. King as he said those famous words, “I have a Dream.”  How many political changes might he have witnessed as our country fought wars and economic depression and even each other again and again. I can almost see him in the Oval Office sprawled in a chair off to the side, eavesdropping on affairs of state, decade after decade, waiting quietly for the day he knew would come. 

Today, is that day. Today, 144 years after Abraham Lincoln’s death, America will swear in the 44th President of the United States. Many people have waited for this day, worked for this day, and even died believing this day would come. Today, a new door will be opened when President Obama walks into the White House and through the door to the Oval Office. I’d like to imagine Lincoln’s spirit on the other side, his ghostly hand grasping the door knob to assist in opening it wide for the newest soul brave enough to step into the weighty task of guiding a nation and running the country. 

I can see him now, his shadowy image standing just inside the Oval Office. Stepping to one side, he picks up his stovepipe hat and giving a slight bow, he finally speaks. I’ve been waiting such a long time for you to arrive. “Welcome home Mr. President.” Then with a bit of a smile, he turns and steps out of the office he’s guarded for so long and walking down the hallway for the last time, he slowly begins to fade away as he raises his hat in a backwards salute and whispers softly to himself...”Welcome home.”



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