Welcome to a Month of Photo Tips on BlogHer!

BlogHer Original Post

I am the world's worst photographer. I'm not being self-deprecating. I really am.

And I'm over it. Being utterly unable to record my memories at this year's BlogHer hobbled me -- personally and professionally.

Also: Humiliating. THIS is my absolute best BlogHer '11 pic.

BlogHer iPhone pic fail

Yeah, I can't tell that's Ricki Lake either.

There's no excuse. "Oh, I do the words, not the pictures?" Bull. I select and format images a kabillion times a day at work -- I know I have an OK eye. And I know we all improve by doing, and by looking. There is SO MUCH great photography, SO MANY self-taught women whose blogs invite me to swim in their imagery:

...Just to name a tiny few.

Image by ginnerobot via Flickr

I am a researcher (that whole Jeopardy! thing), and my way of tackling a problem like this is to compile the data. So here we go with A Month of Photo Tips. I'm going to be sharing quick fixes, Aha! moments, cool tricks I never would have thought of ... and a lot more. There's so much out there -- I feel like I've barely started looking, and I'm once again astonished by and in love with bloggers helping bloggers.

If you have links to photo tips and photobloggers who inspire you, leave them in the comments! I may feature them later in the month -- and I and my photo-learning cohorts sure could use them. And if you have particular questions or issues you want help with, be sure to let me know and I'll try to find an expert answer. Stay tuned every day for the next 31 days for a new tip!


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