Welcome to Mummy Monday! – Where I’m Coming From…

First day of the new blog feature Mummy Mondays! And the opportunity to write about anything my little heart desires is exhilarating. What to choose? I think of all the possibilities, and am left with……a blank! So I head into my Post ideas folder and pull out the most interesting. Hmmmmm…..nothing. How anti-climactic! Perhaps I’ll just tell you a little more about me!

I was born in Toronto in the 70′s. Smack dab in the middle of them. I have always felt like I missed my prime decade by about 30 years or so. Always wanted to be the quintessential housewife, dressed up on a daily basis in a beautiful smock, hair perfect, truly feminine. I have been surrounded by the woman’s movement my entire life, but am happiest having my husband provide for our family and being as much of a support as I can to him.

To say I am a kept woman, silent in demeanor and opinion would be a lie.

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