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     Hello! So this is my first blog post, so I wanted to share how I came up with the name of my blog.  I am 26 now, and when I was younger, I really liked a lot of glitter and bling and things that were flashy.  As I have gotten older, I still like a little bit of glitter, but I have gotten a lot more practical.  So I wanted my blog to focus on the simple things in life that I enjoy, but also give note to the little bit of glitter I like to indulge in.  

     My husband and I lived in his families' hunting cabin for over a year where we had no running water or indoor plumbing at all and our heat source in the winter was a wood burning stove.  Most people think that it sounds awful, but it actually wasn't that bad.  I actually miss living out in the country and not having a lot of neighbors.

     When we lived at the cabin though, it wasn't very girl friendly so I didn't do a lot of the girly things I like to do sometimes.  I missed my eye makeup and girly routines!  I am not one to really do my nails all that much, but I LOVE to do my eye makeup.  I play up that feature more than anything else.  And I LOVE glitter in my eye makeup and lip gloss. So there is the glitter part.  

     So now you know why I call this blog Simply, With Glitter!  I hope you enjoy my thoughts put out into the universe.  I hope to share reviews of beauty products that I try (I love to try new products) and pieces of my life! 



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