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My first post.  Hmmm well I mostly want to introduce myself and my son.  I'm a homeschooling liberal mom of 3.  I've got a almost-teen girl, a 7 yr old boy (the girly one), and a toddler girl.  Thier nicknames for the blog are Jen, Ro, and Ni.  I'm in my mid-thirties and live in the middle of nowhere, WV.

My son, Ro, has been girly for years.  Let me share a story from last year, when he was 6.  We were in the little kids room at our homeschooler's group meeting.  There is a dress-up closet there with tons of dresses, capes, animal costumes, and superhero outfits.  Ro has worn all of them, but trends towards the fancy dresses.  A new girl comes in to the room, dressed in tattered jeans and a dull gray shirt.  He tut-tuts her outfit nd asks her why she doesn't wear anything prettier.  She responds that she doesn't like anything she can't get dirty in. 

Ro "You'd be so much prettier in a dress or skirt."

new girl "I just don't like that kinda stuff, it's annoying."

Ro "Stand up, let me see.  Oohh I know just the dress for you."

new girl seems curious and approaches him

Ro holds up various dress-up dresses (admittedly Barbie and Disney stuff) to her and eventually picks one "This one is perfect for you!  Please you have to try it on.  Here I'll put on this one." He points to a different dress.

new girl seems to be warming up to him "Ok, I'll try it."

Then they both go in the dress up closet, he shuts the doors dramatically and you can hear rustling.  When they come out, they're both in adorable dress-up clothes.  He brings her to the mirror and tries to convince her how pretty she looks.  She seems to like it, but takes it off anyway saying it's too awkward to play in.

Ro spends some time admiring himself in the mirror and then proceeds to play with blocks in the fancy dress.


Ro wearing dresses is pretty standard for him.  He loves it.  Sometimes he prefers I call him Sophie when he's dressed up like a girl.


When we went to Disney this year, he wanted to wear girly dress-up outfits and do Princess meals.  We let him do both and he loved it.  He would dance excitedly while waiting and hugged Princesses and Princes with enthusiasm.  I'll probably do a full blog entry on it later.  It was a great time for him.


I am full of questions I don't have answers to when it comes to Ro. What's the best way to handle his girly interests?  Should I call him Sophie when he asks?  How do I help him be himself while protecting him from peer gender pressure and children's nature of cruelty towards the strange kids?  Can a 7 yr old be gay or transgender? 


So far we just support him and let him wear what he likes.  He shops in the girl section of the stores, wears dresses in public, gets Barbies for Christmas, and has been given the gift of Ballet lessons for Christmas this year (at his request).  He's sensitive, cries easily, and wears his hair long.  His grandparents don't know all of it, but they definitely disapprove of the dance lessons.  

He's a wonderful, sweet and affectionate boy and I love him.  I wanted to have somewhere to talk about his behavior, and my feelings about all of it, so I started this blog.  I hope it helps or interests someone and I welcome respectful comments and questions.  Is there anyone out there with similar experiences?



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