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Hello All,

I would like to first start by introducing myself , my name is Jennifer and I am a hipster mom?!

You may be asking yourself "what the heck is a hipster mom?" and I'm here to tell you that before this week I had no Idea what a hipster even was. Allow me to explain a bit about myself and then this hipster label may be more clear to all of us later on. I am 30 years old and I have two beautiful children. My daughter is 12 , and my son 7, so I am considered a reasonably young mom having had my first child at 18. I am tattoo'd in visible areas, I dye my hair funky colors, (currently my hair is brown with pastel pink ends), and sometimes I even wear holey jeans and converse to pick my children up from school! *GASP* 

But with that being said I think I am an amazing mother. My children have been taught to be polite,respectful,caring,kind, and open minded little people. I am attentive to their schoolwork , I am part of the pta, and am always their biggest supporter. Now some of you may think i'm bragging , but I assure you i'm not. 

The reason behind my explanation of the character I posess as a parent , is due to the constant stereotype placed upon me because of the way I look. It is quite often assumed that I have some wild and crazy life. Nights filled with booze,bars,and rock and roll, but trust me my evening routine is filled by my children and husband. Normal everyday things like homework, managing bathtimes, nagging for the clean up of rooms,tripping over toys, and filling the job of short order cook. Then there are stories to be read and children to be tucked into bed. I dont usually have the energy after that to stay up for so much as a movie or tv show let alone a wild night of partying. I cant even recall my last girls night out which I assure you is much more docile that I even care to admit usually dinner wine and me in my leaporad footy pjs by 11pm at the latest.

I am used to people staring at my tattoo's and most are polite and try to not let me catch their stares, but I have also had some really nasty, close-minded people dis- respect me. I have had a woman come up to me while I was doing my banking , with my children by my side and start yelling that I was doing the devils work and I would never make it to heaven with the way I am living and pointing at my tattoo's in disgust. When my children first started school,for months the principal and school secretary wouldnt even acknowledge me when I greeted them! I am a super friendly bubbly girl who happens to have some tattoo's , holey jeans, and a great converse collection. Does any of that validate someone casting negative judgements upon me? I just dont understand people sometimes. Is the woman who labeled me a devils desciple any better than I? While she stood their casting her judgements and scaring my children to the point of tears? Is that one of heavens future residents? I cannot believe that we allow people to spew hate in this world over a physical attribute, a style choice, or a piece of art that I choose to wear proudly on my body! My response is normally to just take my children and walk away either saying nothing at all or just mumbling the phrase "everyone has a right to their beliefs and opinions."

Things at the school have gotten better, I refuse to stop showing my smile or bubbly personality. I have hosted numerous school functions and chaperoned many a field trip. Killing with kindness is how I choose to deal with the negativity eventually people cave and let their gaurd down and its ok. 

I was at the school last week waiting to pick up my son,  and congregating with other parents when one of them looked at me and said your like one of those "hipster moms" ! Now the definition of a hipster is a subculture of people who value independent thinking, and non conformity. They are socially aware and environmentally friendly, So I thought a few minutes about a statement the woman had clearly meant to be a negative , and said to her "why yes I am , how lovely for you to acknowledge my free thinking, world concious beliefs based only on the style I project." "I do believe the most inginuitive people of our time were free spirited independent thinkers!" She only looked at me in utter resentment and turned on her heels to stand across the room.I stood there that day finally feeling at ease in that school with a very large grin on my face.

Yea that's me I'm a hipster mom and darn proud of it!


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