Welcome to my world

These are just some snippets of real conversations I have had lately….


Me to a co-worker last Thursday: “I am going to be out on Friday. I have to have surgery on my foot.”


Co-Worker: “Oh no, what happened.”


Me: “I broke my toe, and it never healed properly so I it always hurts me, regardless of what shoes I wear.”


Co-Worker: “When did you break it?”


Me (quietly): “Um… fifteen years ago.”


At the doctor’s office moments before the surgery:


Me to Marc before the doctor came in: “Oh look at my feet. I should have gotten a pedicure before this.”


Marc to me: “Oh yeah, how ever did you miss something so important than that.  We better leave now, go get one, and then comeback.  How could she ever operate on toes that look like that?”


then the doctor came in…


Doctor: “You are going have to take it easy.  Try to rest, relax and not walk around too much.”


She then turned to Marc: “Be prepared to take care of her.”


Marc to the doctor: “Don’t worry, I will.”


Marc to me: “I can’t wait for this.  Finally something is going to have to slow you down.  It is about time you learn to go slow and maybe relax a little. I know, maybe you should break some more toes.”



After the surgery, wearing the surgical shoe I was just fitted with:


Me: “Oh man.  Look how ugly this shoe is.”


Marc: “I like it.  Actually I like it better than most shoes you wear.”


then the doctor came in…

Doctor: “Marc, she did great.  Hilary, you must make sure to wear that shoe, even if you are just walking around the house.”


Marc: “Oh good.  Maybe I can buy her a right shoe too. This are much better looking than her moon boots.”


Yesterday on the couch, working from home


Me calling Marc: “So, I just had to call Apple care.”


Marc: “Why?”


Me:  “All of a sudden the computer went crazy.  Keys were being typed I wasn’t typing. It was making noises and scrolling all over the place.”


Marc: “What happened?”

Me: “They guy said it sounds like a key is being pressed.  THen I looked down. I had my  foot elevated and my leg laying on the numeric keyboard. I was pressing the keys.”


Marc: “Did you tell him, that?”


Me: “Yep.”


Marc: “Oh good.  Thank goodness you got Apple care.”



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